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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Yojimbo</b></div><div>Zucker is highly over rated. Zucker and Hornqvist produce nearly the same point production. Hornqvist has more value past point production that Zucker as well. Also, the only reason the Pens would consider trading Hornqvist is cap reasons, while the Wild have been actively trying to move Zucker for over a year, with no takers. Zucker is not a defensive liability, but he doesn't bring a level of D to the table either. hornqvist plays with much more passion and is a better leader.

Points only (and I know that points aren't everything), looking at the last 4 years:
Z has 313gp 89-87-176, 0.562 ppg
H has 285gp 90-91-181, 0.635 ppg

Only the last 2 years looks a little better for Zucker (as it includes his career year and Hornqvist's bad year)
Z has 163gp 54-52-106, 0.650 ppg
H has 133gp 47-39-86, 0.623 ppg
So despite Zucker's career year and 30 more games, they scored close to the same goals. Points per game is also quite close despite one having a career year and the other a "he stunk" year.

Their on ice value is extremely similar. Zucker is a higher cap hit so that does not help his value to the Pens (as I mentioned, Hornqvist probably only moves for cap reasons). There is simply no way that Zucker = Hornqvist + 1st. Not even Hornqvist + Bellerive. Bjorkqvist+cap difference+Hornqvist's passion more than offsets the age difference. Hornqvist + Bjorkqvist and we can talk. If the Wild want more then they are retaining too.</div></div>

I tend to agree with you. Also adding to your point, Hornqvist's net front presence is best in the league.
But I just see him primed for a sharp decline (not his fault). Injuries have really been plentiful and unlucky for him last year.

Zucker is younger and has the potential for 60-70 pts (I don't think Hornqvist can do that anymore).
You have to take into account that Zucker has not had a Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin at his centre. He's had the likes of Michael Granlund and Eric Staal.
Zucker to pens makes them more competitive as Hornqvist is likely due for 3rd line minutes this year with ZAR and Simon fighting for a spot on Malkin or Crosby's wing. No offence to Hornqvist but the back-end of that deal is not good. Another big injury could derail Hornqvist an entire season. At some point, his health needs to be priority over playing.
Don't get me wrong, I love horn but if Minnesota is really moving Zucker for less than he's worth, Pens should be all in.

imo, i don't even think what I offered should even net Zucker (Considering they wanted Kessel at first)