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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F3ruS</b></div><div>Hahaha indeed you did, that team of yours was legendary back then... ofc you beat us... our defense was horrible... and we had leaks on the offense... you guys had so much firepower...
but............. slowly &amp; steadily our rooster trending in that direction... what your team once was = legendary

...but the pages are turned isn't it... hahaha :cool :tonguewink

and yeah metro &gt; atlantic , you are right, but :panthers this year will be a painful matchup for anybody, they improved so much, jeez... Quenneville + Bob = recipe for success

I repeat, don't you dare to miss the playoffs!!! I don't want you to get Lafraniere, hahaaaa, that would be epic... Lafraniere + Malkin + Crosby = Easy cup for you again... hahaha...
I'm dreaming right now about our :canucks 1st round pick = they miss playoffs this year --&gt; tank next year = lottery pick in 2021-&gt; 1st overall pick EZ, thx Benning :hearteyes :hearteyes :hearteyes

<b>Alright serious talk right now:

What's your prediction btw for next year? Who wins the cup , what do you think? I want to hear your expert opinion! Season is starting soon... so maybe you already thought about it!...

I think: :goldenknights right now... and not us... unfortunately...i feel like we outta gas at end of playoffs with like injuries... like vs Washington 1.5 years ago... Game 6 + 7... that was bad... like 0 goals LOL... fun times...</div></div>

I don't expect the penguins to win the cup every year bro, it's hard to win. But they have just as good a chance as any with the roster. But if they don't make it I'm not sweating it.

As far as who wins the cup. That depends who wants it more. People think these speed teams win the cup. The past 2 cups shows that's not always true. You get those small players put in the boards and it doesn't matter how much speed or skill you got. It's why Boston has a good chance, Washington has a good chance, the Blues could repeat. They aren't afraid to take those shots at people.
It's not the NBA, anyone can win here if you are willing to do what it takes to win. Some people are willing to cross that line. Wilson head hunting, Debrusk targeting knees. Hockey isn't all about skill. Not to mention injuries pile up during the year. So I don't pick favorites in September. Talk to me in the last week of the season and I'll tell who I think wins the cup. It's way to early now.