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I would be a great GM, hit me up NHL
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 4 heures
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 4 heures
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 4 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sidstick87</b></div><div>Ive been trading for Kreider for like 4 yrs, lol. This is the time we could finally actually get him... Thats why i gave NYR the best out of deal bc we would need to pry him away.
- Im a huge Rakell fan and after down yr, i give it a try ... but ur right i am a bigger fan of his contract.</div></div>

Kessel would most likely block a trade to Nashville though, I thing they are on his no trade list. The reason why would be center depth. Who would he have to play with if it's not Johansen?
NY is probably on his no trade list because he doesn't want traded into a rebuild. He's too competitive for that.
Kessel's trade list has to look something like this.
Boston, Toronto. He's not going back there.
Washington, because there is no way that happens.
Now you got 5 teams left. CBJ probably isn't on the list, because they lost their best winger and he doesn't want to end up the replacement. On top of it, he doesn't like Torts while Torts would have to settle for the move if the GM made it. So to avoid it all together, CBJ is cut off. It's simply easier for him.
Philly is cut off as he probably doesn't want to end up on a non playoff team. He's competitive.
So you got 5 spots left.
1. TB. No cap space, but if it worked out he'd go to a team with talent, especially at center. But very low odds they can afford him so it's as good as not happening.
2. Carolina, young competitive would make the playoffs. He could deal with it. My guess is, this is one of the "other teams calling" on his list. It just matches too well.
3. Jets, cap issues. On top of it they have Laine and Wheeler in the top 2 RW. Not going to end up there. If he did, he goes to a good team.
4 VGK, cap issues, already have top 2 RW. Hell they are 3 deep on RW. Again if he goes there, he goes to a good team.
5 Blues, already have top 2 RW. Tarasenko and Perron. Doubtful he goes there, if he did, goes to a good team.

So that is really what you are most likely looking at. For Kessel to accept a trade to anyone else the first issue is, are they competitive? And if so the second question is, who is the center of the line? Because he's not going to play with a no one. He knows if he goes to a team with no help on the line with him, he'll be the one blamed for everything. He's been there done that. He wants a good center so he can rack up 80+ points and say, hey, I'm still producing. It makes him look good.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NickC1988</b></div><div>I didn't name the Russian team, because they have NHL talent. I also didn't name the Finland team because they just beat Canada for gold with a whopping two NHL players on their roster. Hornqvist is into his mid 30s, nobody wants to trade young players for a middle six F in his 30s.</div></div>

no that's not what you said.
You said he's "Hornqvist is an overpaid, aging middle 6 F."
and that really isn't true. He's plays best in the top 6. He's not really over paid for a guy who netted 18 goals in 69 games last year playing on a 3rd line. And clearly still plays well.
So I don't know where you get this mess. The problem isn't Hornqvist, the problem is the fit at this point. He's still a really good player the system they want to use doesn't really fit his style of play.
They don't want to keep grinding on the top line. Even though Crosby is the best NHL grinder ever. They want to preserve his career which means moving him into a speed game that he can also play with Jake. But lets not pretend that means Hornqvist is washed up. There is a lot of good hockey left in there. He showed that racking up 7 goals in 8 games in worlds on top of the year he had.
And a team looking to push for a cup would be more than glad to trade for him. Because they know in their window what they will get out of him in leadership, ability, and play is worth it. Hell if the islanders weren't in the same division I could have easily seen him moved over there. I could easily see him land in boston and a few other teams.
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Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 12 heures