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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sign_em_up000000</b></div><div>I never said the Bucks supporting cast was tailor-made perfectly for him just specifically for him. Hell yeah it's a mistake, he should only move the rock up the court a couple times a game because he's the leader and sometimes needs to set an example and try to throw off the other team. Your point/shooting guards should be your most creative players which is why they should get more touches.

I think your missing my point here... I don't hate alphabet (I actually really like him) and I know he's improving but I expect more for all the hype he gets. I won't be upset if scratch that when we sign him, I just won't be as excited as most. I will root for him when he's a Rap and I'm probably a little too hard on him but I don't want to see us get bounced because he can't carry a team like we did so many times with DD. I get Nurse is a great coach and will utilize him properly and we will be good but does none of this concern you at all? It's also probably because I wish we still had Leonard😞...he's the best player in the game! And it was magical!!

Your right "it is a matter of fact that the Jays have to overpay players much more so than hockey players" but isn't that how it should be? I mean why would the Jays want hockey players?!? Unless maybe a goalie to be a catcher but their heads would likely spin from trying to learn pitch framing/calling and working with the pitchers lol. In all seriousness though, Cole should be pitching for us...but that ain't happening and the second tier ain't worth it this year, next year will have more and better second-tier guys available.

Keuchel...eww🤮 he would be a horrible fit and I can't understand for the life of me why so many bj fans want him on the team!?... It's baffling! Plus he likely gets a similar deal from a US team that has a better shot at competing. The 3rd tier is where we'll do our shopping and cheer up it's still early there's still hope lol. My top 3 realistic choices are Walker, Roark and Teharen in that order. I think all 3 is a reasonable and doable task for our FO. Who else you like?</div></div>

I didn't miss your point, was just saying how much Alphabet has to control the rock when it's not crunch time with the Bucks.
And yes...sounds like you miss Kawhi lol
Truthfully the problem is we have only seen Alphabet in the Milwaukee offense and the Raptors showed how to stop him because the Bucks just don't have the skill in those other positions for Alphabet to pass off the rock when needed.

After listening to a radio segment on the Jays off-season signings (or lack thereof) I'm pessimistic they land anyone worth their salt.

At this point...they will sign a bunch of relative no names and hope to get lucky with one. That sounds so ****ty....
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sign_em_up000000</b></div><div>Simmons is only in there to match Ceci's cap hit then he's gone in the off-season. Sorta the same with Blackwood he's only coming back because we need a goalie for the rest of the season if we move Andersen and he would help us keep our pick this year.

The idea was Marner and Barrie for Jones and Anderson but thought he might be too expensive so I switched him with Nylander but again thought there was a better fit so I traded him for Hischier to give them a one-two punch of PLD and Hischier. They could extend Barrie or flip him for more assets and try to sign him in the off-season, plus they get to unload Dubinsky's contract.

NJ needs goaltending and Andersen is one of the best plus with losing Hall Nylander would give them a solid winger and with both they would be a more attractive destination. I wanted to give them Kap for Severson but they would need a center after shipping out Hischier. Then it's Freddie and Dubinsky for Blackwood and their 1st (steep price i know but the want to win now and already got back to back 1sts... I mean they don't want to become the oilers of the east lol). And Dubinsky can still be a serviceable bottom-six player for them who had some playoff experience.

We solve our D situation and add grit upfront, but we decimate our goaltending and Kerffy hurts to lose but you gotta give to get.

What do you think overall now that I've given my explanation?</div></div>

Well you improve the D but...the cost of that improvement is huge. Yeah the goaltending gets decimated here.

I think <a href="/users/Trickster" target="_blank">@Trickster</a> put some thought into the original idea. The other thing is...moving a big salary like Marner affords the ability to sign players to keep the team competitive. Not sure decimating the goaltending keeps the competitive.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sign_em_up000000</b></div><div>They've built up their supporting cast specifically for him tho. They could certainly be better and I agree he would be better on the raps. The raps are still serious contenders IMO because they play a team game in a league where teams load up on as many superstars they can get and let them dominate. It's how I've wanted to see the leafs play for years. I don't doubt his dominance on the raps or Masai getting him and I won't be upset when it happens just probably not as happy as you and trickster.

I get it's strong point guard play that allows the rest of your team to dominate not just players like alphabet and Milwaukee isn't close to FVV and Lowry but most point guards/teams aren't lol. That brings up my next point what to do if the rumors are true that steady Freddy wants or gets $25-30mill and KL will be gone by then (assuming we sign the Greek Freak) so our point guard position will most likely be weekend plus O.G. has made a case for not signing him plus who's our 5? Both spicy P and alphabet are best utilized as 3-4s and OG as a 3 normally but can be used as a 4 in small-ball lineups.

Why go after Wheeler? He's not worth the $118mill he just got from Philly (would have been more signing with us) plus the 45th OA pick and i believe $500k in international bonus pool money. Wheeler is a good #3 on a contending team but like I said not worth the investment. As for Cole its like beating a dead horse we knowledgeable fans understand why we should back up the brinks trucks for him but our FO and ownership group won't invest, the likely $300mill it would take to get him unfortunately. Actually, Atkins just said they've been given $100mill to sign a marquee FA Lmfao. What marquee FA are we getting with a $100mill.</div></div>

Actually, I disagree. Bucks are not tailored perfectly for Alphabet. He is primarily handling the ball as the Bucks come up the court. That's a mistake imo

If Alphabet is your go-to guy in crunch time, fine...but for the rest of the game moving the using your guards is key...Raptors showed the league how to use your super star and win.
Leonard was relatively fresh for crunch time because Raptors used Lowry/Van Vleet to move and control the ball. That is what Alphabet is missing right now.

The matter of fact is the Jays have to overpay for players much more so than hockey players. It bothers me we aren't even in on top tier free agent pitchers's even worse when we can't land second and third tier pitchers either.

I'm not hopeful that Keuchel is an answer for the Jays starting pitching. Btw...we need two bona fide starters, maybe three.
I'm not convinced we get one lol :(
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sign_em_up000000</b></div><div>To me, he's a better version of Demar (he also got better every year and tried to create a 3point shot that didn't work out). Not saying they're the same player but there's alot of similarities between the two. I went into length earlier so I'll try to summarize, he doesn't space the floor enough or create room for his teammates unless he's getting double-teamed. He doesn't create for his team he's just tall with a great wingspan which allows him to gain speed and jump from behind the free-throw line for a dunk or stay down low and wait for a teammate to give him the ball so he can use his strength to outmuscle his opponent. I'm not saying he isn't good or getting better but he is definitely over-hyped, look at how easy Kawhi shut him down in the playoffs last year. I'm not saying he wouldn't be a great fit but he's primarily a 3-4 so that means we have to trade O.G.

We both know Masai wants him and will likely land him so who do you think he moves out og for?...Beal maybe?...not 1vs1.

Thanks for the sites, i forgot about hoops habit lol. Do you read Jays journal or Editor in Leaf?</div></div>

You know a big problem with Milwaukee is their support cast is really not up to par. If Alphabet had a good support cast, there's zero question of his dominance.

Masai should use his leverage and entice Alphabet to join the Raptors. With our point guard play and strong bench, Raptors would be serious contenders once again.'s strong guard play that allows guys like Alphabet to pass the ball around...that's something the Bucks (fear the deer...lolol) don't do well.

As for the Jays, I have cooled off on reading about them. So disappointed they didn't go harder after Wheeler. Can't imagine them landing
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