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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Icarus</b></div><div>I did watch the game. Steel had a solid second period. But I thought compared to how that line looked in preseason Steel showed some shakyness. His move and near miss from the slot was definitely a nice moment. But he missed a lot of passes, was only 20% in Faceoffs, and only recorded one SOG.

I am fairly certain Ritchie was on Getzlafs line. He definitely was at the start of the game. Not sure if that changed at some point. Unless you are consider Getz's line at third line. Regardless, I rather him be in the press box.

I think the Defense was fine. Particularly Cam. Guhle and Larsson were definitely held to less minutes and that made sense. I think Manson and Lindhold had bad moments. But for 24 Minutes TOI, that will happen. Holzer was hot garbage.</div></div>

It’s literally game one and the whole team still struggled passing. So yes steel had his issues passing the puck as the whole team did. They tried to pass thru to many bodies/sticks.

He was with Getzlaf and played 11 min. Getzlaf got to 16ish but it’s clear Eakins is going with the hot line. The “4th” line played about 15-16 min last night because they were the best line going.

Defensively they looked rather unsure. There was a few times that the fwd and defenseman looked at each other about coverage on the half wall and then every single Dman had some pretty bad turnovers.

It’s game one and you’re overreacting. The team struggled passing for most of the preseason but they’ll figure it out and once the do you can start judging who’s been good or bad.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mytduxfan</b></div><div>I guess we just have a difference of opinion then. I don't see Addison being anything special. He's producing less than what Mahura did in the WHL. Don't see his game translating all that well to the NHL. Like most offensive D-men, his D needs a lot of work. IMO, he'll be another kid that struggles to grasp the defensive parts of the NHL game and his offensive game will suffer as a result. In terms of Marino, again, I don't see anything special. Certainly nothing more than what Larsson gives us. For me it's a significant downgrade for a change of handedness. Not worth it. Having all RHD on the right side is overblown IMO. We're much better off having good LHD playing right side than bad RHD.

If PIT is unwilling to give up a 1st to dump JJ they can keep him. He's Bieksa 2.0 and I want nothing to do with him. A 1st is the minimum for me. If they're not desparate to dump him, then why are we even discussing the possibility of taking him? As if PIT is doing us a favour by offering us JJ cheap? He's terrible! EZ pass for me.</div></div>

My thinking here is that between Addison and the first, we can get a RhD who is better than Larsson, and if not, both of the acquisitions are at least the equivalent of a bottom-pairing defenseman. The risks of this strategy are (1) the eventual benefits are three or four years down the road, and (2) they don't arrive at all. The cost of these risks is mitigated by the fact that we are dealing from strength, just as in the Pettersson-Sprong trade, but my idea may turn out no better. Your position is the prudent one.

I guess I just wish we had gotten Nick Jensen or Dylan DeMelo when they were available. We still have another shot at DeMelo, of course.
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