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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tsyls</b></div><div>I’m sorry to break it to you but ANA is not a playoff team. There are so many better teams in the central and pacific.

I’d take Vegas, SJ, and CGY to all make it over you guys. And most likely both wildcard spots go to the central. Arizona is even better than you guys imo. The central will have Dallas, Colorado, St. Louis, Nashville, Chicago and WPG all fighting for playoff spots. I can’t see Anaheim making the playoffs. You guys don’t have a lot of depth scoring. You have 1 good d pairing. You’re just not a playoff team. I don’t even see WPG making the playoffs this year and I’m a jets fan. But I do see the central taking both WC spots.</div></div>

"Meh!"... agree to disagree. I would be careful making absolute statements like you have some magic crystal ball and can predict the future. We'll see. As with any new season, there are a lot of "what-if" scenarios that remain unanswered. Despite our weak D (which I think will improve under Eakins), I think we have the netminding to steal quite a few games. I also think our scoring will improve dramatically under Eakins, or should I say "not under Randy Carlyle". We also have a bunch of young kids who look ready to breakout. Steel, in particular, could provide an additional 50ish pts for us this season and we'll also have Terry in the line-up.

I understand those who don't think we're a playoff team as even I think we are a "dark horse" to do so. However, I certainly don't think we're a bottom-feeder and I certainly think we're better than LA, EDM, and ARI.
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