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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SuprDave45</b></div><div>Based on?

Because in this trade offer I don't see anything about retained salary, which will continue to be the single biggest obstacle in the way of trading him. 10.5m for a goaltender in today's cap environment is just way too much. The cap hit of the last three Stanley Cup winning goaltenders <strong>COMBINED</strong> was...ironically...$10,500,000! Teams don't build around goalies anymore, they build around superstars and supporting role/depth players. In the goaltending department, they compromise performance with affordability..think bang for the buck.

You also need to consider, that the theoretical team trading for Price would be a contender who needs a goalie...where is a contending team getting 10.5m in free cap space for the next 7 seasons? Calgary sure doesn't have it!

The reality is that if a trade is to be made including Price, Montreal will need to eat money as well as take a perceived "loss" when we talk about Price's value as a player..simply because of his contract. So we can forget this idea of "you can get more" or "he's the best goalie", because that value isn't going to show up in any real life trade for him. They should certainly get some quality in return, but not the same quality as they would if Price's quality as a player were the only variable.

And all of this is with the given assumption that he doesn't get hurt yet again. Oh...and that he waives his full no movement clause to go to Calgary...

I enjoy watching him as a fan of the game, and he is truly a phenomenal goalie, but that's where it ends. I don't see Montreal ever moving this guy.</div></div>

I don't see MTL trade Price because why would they want to do that? Your starting goalie is most likely your player with the most TOI in the year... Price had 3880 Min. last year... Binnington had 1876min... Carey Price is without a doubt the Superstar of the Montreal Canadiens so why is this bad BECAUSE he's a goalie?
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