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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ColonelX</b></div><div>On top of all the known connections of Price and Seattle his wife's from the region so it just add to the speculations. People thinking that Price is done are delusional, he still have good years in him and can be great mentor. It'd be a touchy trade and whatever Marc does in this situation half the fanbase is gonna want his head.
If the Seattle expansion draft is going along as the Vegas one and they stack picks, the trade talks <strong>has </strong>to start with one of their fetched 1st rounders (Vegas had 3 total) and then we'll talk. As you've described Bergevin could litteraly sell the Fleury story to Francis and saying how the change jumpstart his career for the best plus this time around you'd get a local guy with multiple strings attached to the region on top of it. He'd instanly become the face of the franchise and I'm pretty sure Seattle could get a share of the western Canada fanbase with him at the helm.</div></div>

Well the Vegas/PIT deal was Fleury and a 2nd for the right to protect Murray. You are way off if you expect MTL to receive a first.

Also I just realised MTL can't retain salary because it isn't a trade but a draft. Vegas (and Price) would make a favor to Bergy to take that horrible contract (11 millions in bonus on July first 2021, ouch). Dont expect anything significative in return. Habs might even need to throw in a pick like Pittsburgh.

Beside, I'm not sure teams will send Seattle many futures to influence their selection after how we saw many teams (CLB, FLO, ANA, etc) getting robbed by Vegas.
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