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Hardcore Boston Sports Fan. Gunna be a tough few decades of losing once brady/bill belichick retire.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MikeyThePensFan</b></div><div>Actually from 2009 to 2016, the Hawks’ first line was always Toews-Hossa with one of Sharp, Saad or Bickell rotating on the left wing. They were the ones who always played the most minutes and faced other teams’ top matchups. For example, they were tasked with shutting down Thornton-Marleau, Datsyuk-Zetterberg and Bergeron-Marchand. Kane mostly played on the second line with Madden, Handzus, Richards and Amisimov as his center while Panarin, Versteeg and Sharp rotated on the left wing.

Malkin over the years has had Neal and Kessel as his two most frequent wingers. He helped Neal to his only 40 goal season and Kessel to his only 90 point season. I would argue that neither of those players are better than Panarin so Malkin is definitely capable of improving the play of his linemates.

Also, the Hawks were a more stacked team overall. They had Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp up front and Keith, Seabrook, Campbell, Byfuglien and Hjalmarsson on defence. The Penguins never had such deep quality, it was mainly Crosby, Malkin, Kessel and Letang.</div></div>

shutting down the opposing teams 1st line and having the opposing teams number 1 dpairing go against you are 2 completely separate things. kane was/still is primarily the offensive catalyst for the hawks and has been for his entire career. Byfuglien was on the same team as kane for 2 years. Campbell was there for 3 years post byfuglien. Panarin was there 2 years. Sharp and hossa as you said never really played with kane. sharp rotated but it wasnt consistent. they would put sharp line one most nights to have 2 lines of offense. The penguins had plenty of quality players playing with malkin and crosby over the years. kunitz, kessel, recchi, hornqvist etc. the list goes on and on. You cant tell me the teams werent deep when they win 3 cups. you dont win 3 cups because of 2 people. but the comparisons cant really be made because kane didnt play with a crosby. if you take away crosby how good is malkin, youve already said kane played with lesser quality players.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KCarry74</b></div><div>lol.

<strong>Danault and Ylonen are not "spare parts". You also have to know Dallas depth here. They lack of prospect. Getting Danault who's a 50 points+ center with 50%+ FO wins, Ylonen who will become a top 6 forward and at least one 1st round and maybe two others is surely something Dallas could look at,</strong>

Last year GM blamed partially Seguin/Benn for their performance. He could be tempted to deal him.

Benn - Hintz - Radulov
Robertson - Danault - Pavelski
Gurianov - Dickinson - Ylonen
Tufte - Faksa - Cogliano

If you trade benn, you don't have LW ready to assume 1st line duties</div></div>

Benn had 53 points last year. He called out benn and seguin (80 points) because they are the highest paid guys on the team and wanted them (really only benn) to live up to the deals they just signed. Danault has 1 year (last year) above 40 points in his career. im not calling him a 50 point player based off 1 year. his stats are all over the place. sub 10% shooting hes got 7 points this year but shooting at a much better percentage than his career dictates as well. You have no idea what ylonen will be. playing in the liiga hes got 27 points in back to back years. at 18 and 19 years old. that doesnt mean he wont be top 6 but that doesnt scream cant miss top 6 talent to me. trading a late 1st because colorado is actually a stacked team too, a conditional 2nd based on ECF ( even with seguin bruins, lightning, leafs all still better in their own division) thats going to stay a 2nd and another 2nd which will both be mid to late pick as well.

You also said know the team. i do, this team is in its window. radulov is 33, benn is 30, pavelski is 35, trading their top center and production guy isnt going to make them better. their top 2 lines arent young besides hintz. they dont have anything really coming from dallas. They trade benn/radulov/pavelski before they trade seguin.