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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jgimp69</b></div><div>Trouba has wanted out for years, only had 1 year of RFA and him and his agent gamed the trade so that he could only be traded to the Rangers even though there were better trade offers out there.
Nashville was in worse cap he’ll than the Jets and had zero RFA years and is in decline (still a decent defender though)
Gusev had let it be known he wasn’t signing and requested a trade as his RFA years were expiring

These are night and day different than Laine and the Jets situation. 5 more years of RFA status and is an elite goalscorer. Yes he had a bad year but I put that on locker room and coaching as something was seriously off last year. I’m not saying the Jets would get the earth and moon for him but face it, it would take an overpay to move him otherwise they keep him. Same as Hishier, Hughes, Smith etc etc</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>arafay</b></div><div>The point is that the jets have the cap space to sign both their stars so taking anything less than an overpayment will not happen.

Trouba got less because he told the jets he wouldn’t sign anywhere else, leaving them no leverage in a deal with the rangers.

Nashville got less because subban is frankly overpaid and Nashville needed cap spaces to sign duchene (who everyone knew was going to Nashville)

Gusev got more than he was asked for. They asked for a 2nd and a b prospect and instead got more, even with their cap issues

The point is that any trade for a jest’ young star is going to require an overpayment.

Also, that’s the first time I’m hearing the rumours of the jets even listening to offers on laine and I don’t think it’s a source but rather a guy like us just on a site like cf or hf boards. If not I would like to see a source</div></div>

Yes very possible, but again, the entire premise is based on the rumor it is an overpay. If you don't believe that's the ask then thats fine doesn't affect me either way. But given this rumor has d and nhl ready prospect, giving an established forward, a young forward, and damn good defenseman is more than the ask.

I'm not disagreeing that laine is incredible and his best years are ahead, im not debating that he isn't worth a duchene level haul, I agree with all of this. but his demeanor, attitude, and comments are pulling leverage from winnipeg, my guess is if he gets dealt, it will not be an unbelievable deal for winnipeg.
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