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Forum: Armchair-GMWed at 5:47 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>A few things DeHaan has LITERLALY been playing the #1LD and played it well, until he was injured yesterday. That's probably one of the single best trades in the offseason. Giving up no one for a guy that successfully played #1LD..

Thanks for the Win with Kubs.

Schmaltz Strome is still TBD. I have zero issue saying Schamltz is fast and a better playmaker than Strome, but Strome is a TRUE center. I haven't seen anything Schamltz's game (even this year) to say he's supposed to be a center. I know I know, that's literally where he lined up against CHI to prove a point but there's a lot more to this trade. He should be a top 6 winger. AND he's fallen off a cliff in the last 12 games. Strome's Next Contract also plays a factor. So VERY early for this one.

Shaw is a WIN anyway you look at it. Cap got higher...so his contract was easier to take. WIN CHI. Drafted Debrincat. WIN CHI. Shaw added Grit to a VERY weak CHI team that was needed. WIN CHI. The actual trade of (2) 2nds for a 2nd, 3rd, 7th...WIN CHI. Unless you have a crystal ball for injuries...to which Shaw was injured in MTL too...then there's zero ways MTL wins that trade.

$4.5M vs $3.25M ..it's a win. Smith even play special teams! AA doesn't do that.

You're looking at that trade with hindsight. That's like saying...Why did Johnny Hockey get drafted in the 1st round?!?! Some many teams passed on him. There were questions about Panarin's ability to play away from the Hart winner. It makes sense. To Panarin's credit...he proved CBJ right. Saad's been darn good too though.</div></div>

He's been playing 1LD not because of his skill, but because of the Blackhawks lack of good players. That contract is still terrible, so I don't consider it a win.

Still very early, but you are right. Both suck at faceoffs, so it's not like one is better there.

Montreal overpaid when they signed Shaw and Chicago took him and the contract back for virtually the same price = Not really a win.
Drafted Debrincat = Win for Scouts
Like I said, Shaw was injured in Montreal, has several concussions, it was starting to get scary, and Chicago took him back for virtually the same price with those injury problems, now he has another concussion. You guys could've given us a 2nd + 3rd for 20 games of Andrew Shaw. We pretty much loaned a middle 6 forward from you guys for free and gave him back to you with serious health problems.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>This is an interesting comment to me. I'm not suggesting Kravstov is a bust. Additionally, I also think NYR is patient and will allow him to develop AND are one of the NHL teams more likely to sign him than say a Calgary. Heck Panarin chose NYR for the money, but also the large Russian population there. That stuff is all good and stands alone.

Do you think teams should be more warry of Russian prospects because of EXACTLY what you're saying? I don't think this is isolated at all. Alexander Romonav is the 7th Dman getting something like 13 minutes a game. Podkolzin and Kracstov are in the VHL. Denisenko is doing pretty good which means a lot because it's the KHL, but that seems more like the exception than the rule. Not playing meaningful hockey is a huge set back. Even if it just means that other players are developing faster than you. Why aren't more Russian players going the Svechnikov route...through the CHL?</div></div>

I think Svech doing what he did greatly helped him, but it's definitely not a route for everybody. It's a huge culture shock moving halfway across the world and despite it working out well for him, CHL teams don't necessarily have the networking to smooth that transition like the players would get from a NHL organization.

It can also be an interesting exercise to view it from a KHL point of view. They're obviously trying to win within their league too, so I can imagine it's pretty disheartening when you get an exciting young player and know he plans on leaving your team prior to him hitting his prime.
Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 2:47 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>As a Hawks fan, I can tell you that COL is giving up too much for a rental and (arguably) a career AHL player.

I'd rather keep Kampf than acquire bellows. To me that boils down to positional preference, Kampf has actually done it in the NHL, and Kampf's high end motor is great for a bottom pair center.

Florida is probably having at least some kind of buyers remorse at this point. They'll likely need to keep Knight for their future. I don't see them doing that trade...or really it being of value.

Vegas could be a dark horse for Gus. They should be going for it and they don't have too many options due to their cap hit. I like that trade.

I'm not a huge fan of taking Mrazek back, but if CAR makes us...ok i guess. I would however want a conditional pick going to the Hawks if Lehner extends there. Seems like that's becoming fairly standard in TDL trades these days.

I like your WPG trade. WPG needs defense. He's young, under contract for 2 more years, already won 2 cups. I could see WPG giving slightly more than this. Keep in mind 7th Dmen like Brandon Davidson received 3rd rounders at the TDL in the past. Maybe a 2nd or prospect?</div></div>

Thanks for not ****ting on me like is common around here. Lol

I would agree COL and FLA trades are likely not valued correctly and I doubt either team gives up their prospects that easily. Plus the Saad trade puts FLA over cap by $3M. I also agree I love Kampf and wouldn’t want to see him go. So maybe that’s an unnecessary trade. I didn’t do conditional pick for Lehner because I already took their 1st but I see your point. Also I felt we had to take either Mrazek or Reimer in this deal to get a goalie back because Lankinen and Delia are backups at best at the moment. Plus CAR doesn’t need 3 goalies.
Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 1:09 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>Do I think Nylander is the best player in the deal??? Yes, but barely. I can understand the argument that he's younger. I can also understand the argument that IF his best years are ahead of him that he'll be worth the cap. But that's where I differ from most Leafs fans. I just have a hard time hearing for 3 straight years that the best years are still ahead of him...AND YET...how ironic that he's on pace for exactly 61 points...AGAIN. First of all, let's all at least agree that's a bit ironic. Career high of 61 points (twice) and trending toward exactly 61 points again for the 3rd time!

I think Nylander does a nice job of carrying the pace of play. Something the Hawks need to do a better job of to be honest. I just see too many similarities in how the Hawks FEEL about Saad (AND his history!) vs how the Leafs FEEL about Nylander. Very different types of players of course, but surprisingly close results and the cap delta justifies the stat delta. Style of play suits each team differently. NYI would probably prefer Saad over Nylander's style of play where TOR and PIT would probably prefer Nylander's style of play.

I wouldn't do the trade because we need Murphy on the back end. He and DeHaan have been what the Hawks were missing last year. If we could get a 3rd one of these guys, I'd do it. Not 1 less of these guys.</div></div>

Nylander has I think 13 or 14 points in his last 14 or 15 games. Under Keefe he's been better and better. With Babs gone and Nylander being actually valued by the coach, he's going to play a lot more and get more opportunities than ever before. The days of him getting 15 minutes a night are over. If you actually look at the advanced stats for Nylander, he creates offensive chances per 60 at a super elite rate. Something like top 20 league wide but he's never played more than below average 2nd liner minutes. Mainly because Babs was so stubborn.

This Nylander isn't worth his contract nonsense is all going to end very soon.
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