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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drewjenks</b></div><div><strong>Blame themselves for what exactly? </strong>
<strong>Are they forfeiting the season because their players are too expensive? </strong>

I think people are struggling to see the truth behind their current criticism of Toronto: <strong>"you can't fill out a team around those 4 contracts".</strong>

Their argument does makes sense ... but it's only one perspective of the situation (the worst possible perspective).

<strong>For example:</strong> Lets widen the lens a bit and compare the new cap situation to other NHL teams.

<strong>Can Toronto afford to build a team around the Top-9 forwards that they've locked in?</strong>

$11,630,000 x 5 years = Matthews
$11,000,000 x 6 years = Tavares
$10,890,000 x 6 years = Marner
$6,960,000 x 5 years = Nylander
$3,500,000 x 4 years = Kerfoot
$3,400,000 x 4 years = Johnsson
$3,200,000 x 3 years = Kapanen
$2,250,000 x 2 years = Hyman
$770,000 x 2 years = Moore (or replacement)

<strong>$53,600,000 = Total Cap-Hit</strong> (top-9 forwards)
<strong>$5,950,000 = Average Cap-Hit</strong> (top-9 forwards)

<strong>The answer to this question is an easy yes .</strong>

Many teams are actually spending a similar amount or more on their top 9 forwards (their 9 most expensive forwards).

But most of them don't have a forward group this talented:
<p class="c"><strong>Johnsson - Matthews - Nylander
Hyman - Tavares - Marner
Moore - Kerfoot - Kappy</strong></p>

However ... I still don't think Dubas did a very good job ... why TF did Lou not get one more year to negotiate these contracts ...</div></div>

blame themselves for another overpayed contract which makes the cap magic tougher, definitely not impossible but why spend an extra 4million a year if you don't have to? That is a decent player's contract.
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