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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>And size could be a possibility but then why keep Heinola?
He's smaller than Niku and it'd be beneficial to slide Heinola's(and Gustafsson's) ELC, to me they're very similar defensemen and there's nothing left for Niku to do in the AHL so more time with the Moose isn't beneficial for Nikus development and Heinola could use some time to develop and put on some weight.

Have said it before but I really don't think the Jets organization has the "development" part of their plan figured out.

And for the love of gawd if you want size coach at least play Dahlstrom, he looked pretty good in the couple games he played, is bigger and a much better player then Bitteto.

I also think that it's more than a size thing, going back to last season the way Niku was handled makes me think that Maurice just has a dislike for Niku for some reason which is really unfortunate, icing an inferior lineup out of spite is stubborn and pathetic.</div></div>

I think it really has to do with a possibility of buff. Imo get back which results in the jets having to keep 23 players max. I don’t think he dislikes niku because he did receive some high praise from Maurice in preaseason. I think and hope it’s just that injury that full hasn’t healed. After it’s healed I would love to have him back and playing big mins with JoMo. Dahlstrom and pionk can play 2nd paring and heinola poolman the 3rd. Chevy should really work on a trade right now to move out a defencemen. Just one because when beaulieu comes back we are in trouble. I think dahlstrom is waived in favour of beulieu.
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