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I have an immense passion for the game, but even more so in the business / sports franchise management aspect. I love watching the young players and prospects that will be the players of tomorrow. I also have a keen interest in amateur scouting and watch attentively how teams manage and develop these assets.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GM_leafs81</b></div><div>Fair point, my concern with Nuge is that he's more of a 2b center making 6 mill. He's not very good at faceoffs and point totals are on pace for 45-55 points when he's not playing with McDavid and makes him a circumstantial point producer. Is he a 2nd line center on a contending team? I don't believe so.

Now, if Frost is a bust then I'd look foolish. But if Nuge is a 45-55 point guy making 6 mill and you have Patrick who will eventually take that role, it may be a contract you'll be looking to get off your hands soon. I just think that there would be better options with the package your proposing to give up than Nuge.

The Leafs would be happy to give you Kadri for that package if you'd be willing to give it up. Better FO% and Corsi stats with more dzone starts than nuge at 4.5mill. Just comparing the two.</div></div>

jwtemple3 made this AGM, not me.
I was just commenting that Frost for Nuge was not necessarily a clear cut overpayment on PHI's side.
Is PHI considered a contender?
By looking at their depth charts, Nuge would easily slot in 2C for them. That would mean more TOI, which would boost his production.
Although your point is fair, if Nuge is a 3C, $6M AAV is an overpayment. But Nuge is not a 3C. If he isn't in his primary role of Centre, he plays on the wings (in other words, always lays top 6 minutes. Also, since he does always play top 6 minutes, he is matched up with other teams elite lines. No offense, but you cannot compare Kadri and Nuge as they are apples and oranges. In todays NHL, the Centre position is pivotal, and MUST be fast. If your 1C + 2C don't have speed, they are relegated to 3C and 4C. Nuge brings that. Kadri does not.
Nuge has always had sub par linemates as well. Can't only look at the +/- and ppg's as they are very deceiving.
Trust me, you send Nuge to any "non-contender team", and he is their 2C and will produce and perform and measure up to expectations.
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