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Sujet: Rangers
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Book_Hockey</b></div><div>Just my two cents. On lunch break here at work. This site is great for killing time.

1. Jost and 3rd with conditions it turns into a 2nd if Kreider resigns
2. Nobody is giving a first for Strome
3. Idk all players involved kind of stink/are headcases
4. I would do it if i were detroit
5. I think you could get more from SJ, i love Georgiev
6. That's a lot of moving parts but Detroit drafted MR pretty high so i dont think they want to move him, especially for Trouba who's under performing at 8 mil a year
7. Skjei kind of stinks but Winny needs help so I could see it</div></div>

Just my two cents (original poster is up four cents already, good work.).
1. Jost and a 2nd that becomes first if they win the Cup or resign Kreider.
2. Strome is worth a little more perhaps than Grabner when the Rangers traded him, but it still doesn't reach a 1st.
3.Fast is a nice player, though obviously not a big offensive threat. Probably a fair deal
4.Agree with you that it seems fair but we also agree NYR won't get the 1st from Calgary
5 Also agree maybe take out the pick going back to SJ
6 There is a lot going on there but beyond trying to figure out fair value in a 1 for many pieces swap o dont see them trading Trouba
7 Skjei is infuriating at times but he is, sadly, their best all around LHD right now. But if they trust that one of the prospects behind him will step up they might do it. But does Winnipeg want a sometimes shaky dman with that kind of cap hit?
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