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Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 17 heures
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 5:14 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>oneX</b></div><div>Well...about ownership, Leafs, Raptors, TFC and Argos are owned by MLSE which happens to be a conglomerate of two companies (Bell and Rogers) and Larry Tannenbaum.
Jays are the team that sticks out like a sore thumb. The other thing is that the Jays have a nation wide following and even when bad, still draw better t.v. rating than most baseball teams.

I don't know...I feel the fanbase deserves better...whether that's with MLSE or not, I don't know and it's way above my pay grade. There has to be smarter people out there who can figure this out.</div></div>

Yeah I know MLSE own's the Leafs, Raps, TFC and the Argos and that they're a conglomerate company owned by Rogers, Bell and Tannenbaum. It makes no sense to add the jays to MLSE (even though I would like them to be) because Rogers owns exclusive rights over the jays and they wouldn't want to give up viewership rights to Bell and Bell and Tannenbaum wouldn't want to buy the jars or part ownership if hey don't get viewership rights.

I also get that the jays have a nation wide fan base(just like the raps) and the dan base deserves better. I guess I'm different in the fact that I try to look at things from both sides.

The fans side (not saying you) is they want the team to spen, spend, spend whereas Rogers still treats it as a business (which is not uncommon amongst most owners in all sports). Also the Jays had a top ten payroll from 2012 I believe, and most don't factor in the currency exchange rate and the fact that they have to pay the coaching staff, training staff...well everyone in American money while making most of their profit in Canadian money.

Your a smart guy and no need to turn to "smarter people" to figure this out, it's simple.... Rogers needs to do more to bring in fans but fans casual ones anyway need to understand that NO TEAM can spend top dollar every offseason and that baseball more so than the other sports fluctuates year to year for a good portion of the players and teams. Look no further than Boston or Harper, get the point.

Also, it's hard to blame Rogers for not spending when our fan base (again casual fans and bandwagoners) don't show up to support them. Fans have it backwards thinking that their "showing" Rogers by not showing up or tuning in. This isn't to say I'm on their side or anything, I'm a fan and the last All-Star I can think of that we signed was Clemons which is absolutely unacceptable IMO. We both agree that they need to spend now while the team is young and cheap and there is no reason why Cole shouldn't be in a jays jersey next year.

Guaranteed money next year....
Gurriel Jr.-$2.966,666mill (let's just say $3mill)
Tulo-$14mill ($4mill buyout)
=42.5mill...thats it

Arb projections(based off MLB Trade Rumors projetions)....
Giles-$8.5mill (roughly I can remember the exact amount)
Shoemaker-$3.5mill (none tender candidate)
Law-$1.5mill (again roughly and another none tender candidate)
Drury-$2.5 or 3.5mill (can't remember but I think it was 2.5)
Maile-$800k (potentially none tender as well)
Assuming we keep Shoe, Law, Maile and Drury (God I wish he would be none rendered but we both know that ain't gonna happen) and the projections are accurate....
=$16.8 to 17.8mill
That means total before pre-arb players (which I'll get to in a min)

Now the pre-arb players (I'm going to count them all at $600k even though most are about $560k)
Jansen, Mcguire, Vladdy, Bo, Biggio, Tellez, Teo, Fisher, McKinney, Davis, Alford, Urena, Espinal, Godley, Gaviglio, Thornton, Borucki, Pannone, SRF, Romano, Kay, Merryweather and Pearson at some point.

I count 23 names which obviously won't all be on the team or at least all at once but just for arguments sake let's count them all....

Add it all up and we're looking at a grand total of(drum roll please lol) $73.7-74.7mill for 31 players with a 26 man roster lets trim 5 pre-arb players which frees up $3mill. Although, like I said the Jays could none tender a few players which would free up even more. I decided to make it pre-arb players, for now, to air on the side of caution. And our new total is $70.7 to 71.7mill.

The reason why I added the extra pre-arb players is because I wanted to show you just how little we've spent to this point and why like I said there's absolutely no reason why we can't/shouldn't sign Cole and a solid #2 for our rotation and a few bp arms + a bat or two.

Sorry for the rant but that's my reasoning/point of view on this).
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 12:53 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>oneX</b></div><div>I have nothing against sign stealing the old school way, it's part of the game. This other stuff is disheartening tho.
You know what's hard to imagine? When it comes to the Leafs, we are a big market...yada yada yadayada but as soon as we talk baseball, the Jays are considered small potatoes.

I want an ownership that doesn't mind throwing it's weight around when neccesary. Rogers does not strike me as that.

What do you make of that?</div></div>

Same, and I totally agree. Toronto is the 4th largest market In MLB and should be viewed as a big market team. Without going into a rant or at least trying not too Rogers should care more about the product on the field and less about their shareholders.... I mean it's not like they're going to go bankrupt if they exceed the luxury tax or anything.

That's the fan in me, but in reality it's understandable that they don't want to spend big. Our fan base is frugal to say the least. Look no further than these last couple of years... The fan base doesn't show up when we're bad to support the team only when we have marketable players. I understand the fans point of view but everyone talks about "showing Rogers" by boycotting the jays until they spend but why would they want to spend when no one shows up?

I want an owner(s) who will spend when the time is right but what company could spend more than Rogers? Bell is the first one that comes to mind but look at how much the Marlins sold for and imagine how much the jays would sell for. The point is even if Bell or another company bought the jays they wouldn't have money to spend for at least a few years and we'd be in the same boat we're currently in.

Unfortunately with Rogers and to a lesser extent Shapiro they constantly prioritize "risk aversion" (which you definitely need to do to an extent otherwise you become the Rockies), but you also need to be willing to spend when the time is right and we both know that time is now for us.

In conclusion whether we like it or not the jays will continue to operate the same way....give us hope only to rip it away from us with a bunch of mediocre signings and they don't seem to want to sell anytime soon... at least as long as they own sportsnet.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>oneX</b></div><div>Talking about both teams sign stealing using technology. There's speculation Boston used it during their world series year and Houston during their world series year and during this past season.

I hope both organizations get heavy suspensions and loss of multiple high draft picks. Not sure you heard last year the Dodgers were accused of paying money under the table for latin American players as well.

Honestly, it's kind of hard to be a fan with this much crap going on at major league level.</div></div>

Ahh, yes I heard that. The Yankees were accused of that to during Girardi's last year too. I don't pay to much attention to that though I mean I do but it happens so frequently that it's kinda like white noise to me now... Remember a few years ago when the Astros hacked the Cardinals system to see their game plan?

They will get hit hard just like the Braves did and so will the Dodgers if proven guilty although I didn't hear about the Dodgers or I read it and forgot.

Don't let this **** sway you away from the game. I mean your an adult and of course you can do whatever you like but it's about way more than this petty crap... It's about the art of the game and the love and passion for stats and watching each season unfold. I always say the main thing teams pay for is consistency as it's the hardest thing to find in MLB. I get team's pay for talent but baseball is the most inconsistent sport there is.

I read an article that said 92% of all prospects don't even make the majors! Whether that's true or not speaks to how much harder it is to work in baseball compared to the other 3 major sports and how little room there is for error. Like I said do what you want but for me I love everything about baseball and I love my Jays even more.

To me there is nothing like watching a pitcher pitch and pick apart their arm slot, delivery, release point/release and their command/control. Plus watching batters stance, how/where they hold the bat their eye for the strike zone and how much patients they have at the plate + power and contact, base running skills/ base stealing skills, throwing a pitcher off or getting in their heads when a runner at 1st has speed and so much more.

But hey that's just me and I get what you're saying but it's the Jays man...not the front office, not the management staff/coaching staff it's the art of the game and rooting for the best team ever outta all sports (did my bias show???) Lol.

Sorry for the rant but when talking about baseball every post could be a novel lol
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