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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dtrain327</b></div><div>I don't get it, people on AGM value shattenkirk as if he's a 7th defenseman on any team but he's not. He's the rangers 3rd-4th best dman, had a small knee injury that slowed him down and a bad year that shouldn't devalue him as much as everyone does. That's a terrible return for your second best winger on the team combined with your 3rd/4th dman. Just no</div></div>

While I agree with you that Shattenkirk could perform better on a healthy knee, that's simply just a big "if" at this point.

He hasn't played up to his Contract. He hasn't been great in his own zone. And his Offensive production hasn't outweighed those Defensive deficiencies.

Now taking into account that the Rangers are not only looking to shed some Cap going into next Season, but they also happen to be jam packed on the right side. Not only with the emergence of DeAngelo, but the acquisitions of Trouba and Fox. Dealing from a position of strength, it makes sense to try and move out a big Defensive Contract (since you can't move Staal or Smith) to free up Roster and Cap space.

While I think Shattenkirk has the potential to be better than he has been these last 2 Seasons, it's just word of mouth at this point. Other teams are wary of his knee, and rightfully so. Retaining 50% should be enough to move him out, but I wouldn't expect much more in return for compensation.

If we could also get Kamenev (wouldn't have minded Greer, up until his bar fight) or a 3rd thrown in, then great. But not holding my breath. Being one of the better Defenseman on what was an awful Defensive squad really doesn't get as much as you would think.