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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Spanky227</b></div><div>LMFAO you obviously need to work on your reading comprehension. I said he consistently performs at a 50+ point pace which he has done the past 3 years (please actually read stats as he missed about 20 games with an injury two years ago and still put up the pace of 50+ points as it was 52 per 82 game) and prior to that he build up with a 46 and 43 point season prior to those two so yeah he's pretty consistent. Grabner was playing 3rd/4th line minutes on the rangers while kreider was playing 1st line minutes.. so IDK how you are saying they are the same player when grabner has been a career negative possession player when Kreider is a play driver (career +4.6 cf%). I'm not going to keep doing the research that you should be doing before calling a player a POS.

And in defense to 16th overall + 2nd overall not being greater than a 12th overall and a 1st, you are skewing the reality of the situation. Brannstrom has done nothing but increase his value as a prospect while Gurianov has not (he's lowered it significantly). Prove me wrong on that please

In terms of more stats,
hes in the 94th percentile for goals per 60
hes in the 99th percentile for CF%
hes in the 97th percentile for Rel xGF%

so yeah he's gonna cost a bit.. the below image is a comparison between him and hayes at the trade deadline when both were available

<img class="for_img" src="" alt="Dashboard-1-1-575x361.png"></div></div>

Bon il recommence avec c’est comparaison douteuse hayes etait un centre alors il avait plus de valeur. Doit etre de la marde que ta dans tete, jamais vu quelqu’un d’aussi bouché.
Pour moi un gars qui passe proche ben ca veux dire qui a échoué tu dois etre ste genre la. Tu te contente avec sque ta. Personne veux votre vidange de joueur, y passe plus de
Temps a genou dans le sauna qua jouer au hockey.

Kreider == 💩💩💩💩💩
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Constantly 😂😂😂 he broke the 50 mark only 2 time in 6 season, that not what i call constantly. Went you said you bring comparable, they must be similar. That a concept you don’t quote understand. Tatar and 3 years left, and hartman was a former first round pick wirh rfa right. That leave us with grabner. You didn’t bring any metric either you are just a rangers fan who think kreider is worth way more then he actually did.
And yes its crazy to think that they will get gurianov + a first round pick. You don’t seem to be a first grader at school simple thing are hard to understand. Gurianov is worth more for dallas then for the rangers since the rangers have a better pool prospect. But he still have major value in dallas, but that to hard to understand. They are not trading one of their best prospect for a sauna boy. Brannstrom and a second &gt; than gurianov and a first is your opinion but in fact its a 16 overall pick and a second rounder &lt; 12 overall pick and a first rounder. Both have prove nothing yet in nhl but both still have a potential so stop
Dreaming of gurianov dallas isnt trading him.

Joel l’esperance and a first round pick would be a package that dallas might consider, or gurianov one on one with kreider. And its about time its been 3 days that you argue with yourself just to try to convince yourself of sauna boy evaluation you made. If scout and gm would do trade like that nhl would be a circus. So mister not the sharpest tool
In the box try something different with kreider because i will come every single time telling you how off you are.