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The real answer is "never" but we all know, the choice isn't always as easy as saying it. So lets dig deeper.

We all know their most productive years are generally behind them when they are UFA's (depends on age of when they sign but lets assume 28-29 is the avg age for UFA)

The assumption is that Marner is getting paid too much, right? (I agree btw) So assume he puts up 90 points every year until the end of his contract. Would he be worth the equivalent of his current over payment he is getting now when he is 29 on the open market? Wouldn't you want to pay the player for his potential not his past pedigree knowing that he probably won't be able to put up 90+ points every of his new contract? Of course, there is always the chance Marner is a 60 point guy the rest of his contract but in all realness, what are the odds he puts up less numbers from 23-29 than he would from 29-35?

How many UFA's who signed contracts that take them into their 30's are worth their contracts in those years? Ovechkin, Crosby, Kane, right? What about Kopitar? Getzlaf? Parise? How much of these guys current contracts have they been earning in their current contracts? 1-2 maybe a 3rd year? Take away the few outliers, the overwhelming rest start to be "not worth" their contract around 32 years old.

I understand this is the way things have been for the past whatever amount of years so we've been trained to laugh at the idea of paying a player asking for UFA money right away but doesn't it make sense (coming from a completely impartial spectator who values players negotiating rights and GM's ability to roster a competitive team equally) especially with players you are virtually certain are going to put up good numbers, to pay them when they are in their prime and NOT into their 30's? Does anyone seriously think Rantanen, Marner, Point are all going to return to the 60-70 point range and everything prior was a fluke?

Why would anyone want to pay Marner X% of cap at 29 but not at 22? Based purely on history, he should produce his best during the 22-28 years, not the 29-35 years. So what is it?

In a perfect world where players are paid on a yearly basis based solely on production that past year, wouldn't one assume the best years to feel like you have to pay a player a lot, would be the years when they are statistically going to be giving you the best years of their careers?

I think the NHL is changing its philosophy around player contracts. Moving away from the "past pedigree" contracts to the "future potential" contracts. I think the most undeniable thing about this is that it effects the newest wave of teams players like this the most and its what causes the riff with fans the most. They see Pastrnak signing for 6M and say "hey why not our guy too?".
Using players contracts from 2-4 years ago as comparison is no longer valid with players because the change to this mentality has been rather sudden. Pretty much the day Matthews signed his contract. It changed every other RFA's idea of their evaluation of contracts going forward. Anything before is slightly hard to compare against now in the future where as the previous change was stretched out over a longer period of time.

What I find confusing is based on the current mentality, Marner should have signed anywhere from 8.5-9.5M x 7-8 year contract, right. Then when he becomes a UFA at 28-29 he would be able to get that even bigger contract on the open market. Except, who here wants to sign Marner when he is 29 based on the 7-8 past years of 90+ points? Not the Leafs probably, right? I can already hear Leafs fans saying let him go to free agency where someone will be stupid enough to pay him his big contract. So.... Leafs are stupid for paying Marner now but whoever pays for him in the future is just as stupid? Its never a time to pay a player essentially.
Forum: NHL20 sep à 13 h 33
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Rodzikhockey93</b></div><div>Official Thread for Season Prediction Comparisons. Will return to this once the leafs Hoist the cup in June ;)

1. Tampa Bay Lightning 118
2. Toronto Maple Leafs 112
3. Boston Bruins 106
4. Florida Panthers 97*
5. Montreal Canadiens 90
6. Buffalo Sabres 85
7. Detroit Red Wings 70
8. Ottawa Senators 55

1. Washington Capitals 107
2. Philadelphia Flyers 101
3. Carolina Hurricanes 99
4. Pittsburgh Penguins 95**
5. New Jersey Devils 90
6. New York Rangers 86
7. New York Islanders 80
8. Columbus Blue Jackets 77

1. Nashville Predators 109
2. St. Louis Blues 105
3. Dallas Stars 101
4. Colorado Avalanche 97*
5. Chicago Blackhawks 95**
6. Winnipeg Jets 91
7. Minnesota Wild 74

1. Vegas Golden Knights 105
2. San Jose Sharks 100
3. Calgary Flames 97
4. Arizona Coyotes 94
5. Vancouver Canucks 89
6. Anaheim Ducks 87
7. Edmonton Oilers 83
8. Los Angelas Kings 71

<strong>First Round</strong>
Tampa over Pittsburgh in 7
Toronto over Boston in 7
Florida over Washington in 6
Philadelphia over Carolina in 7

Nashville over Chicago in 5
St. Louis over Dallas in 7
Vegas over Colorado in 6
San Jose over Calgary in 5

<strong>2nd Round</strong>
Toronto over Tampa in 7
Florida over Philadelphia in 7

Nashville over St. Louis in 5
Vegas over San Jose in 7

<strong>Conference Finals</strong>
Toronto over Florida in 5
Nashville over Vegas in 6

<strong>Stanley Cup Finals:</strong>
Game 1: Toronto 4 Nashville 2
Game 2: Toronto 2 Nashville 1 OT ( Johnsson winner)
Game 3: Nashville 4 Toronto 1
Game 4: Toronto 3 Nashville 2 Double OT ( Rielly Winner)
Game 5: Nashville 4 Toronto 3
Game 6: Toronto 5 Nashville 3

Toronto in 6

Art Ross ( Top 5)
Connor Mdavid 120 Points
Nathan Mackinnon 114
Nikita Kucherov 110
Johnny Gaudreau 107
Auston Matthews 103

Hart Trophy: Mcdavid ( Gaudreau, Mackinnon)

Norris Trophy: Hedman ( Burns, Josi)

Vezina: Vasilevsky ( Gibson, Fleury)

Calder: Makar ( Kakko, Glass)

Richard Top 5:
Matthews 54
Ovechkin 50
Pastrnak 50
Mcdavid 47
Stamkos 47

Lady Byng: Barkov ( Gaudreau, Matthews)

Selke: Barkov ( Bergeron, Stone)

Ted Lindsey: Mcdavid ( Matthews, Mackinnon)

Jack Adams: Laviolette ( Vigneault, Cooper)

GM: Dubas ( Tallon, Sakic)

NHL Entry Draft Top 15:

1. Minnesota Wild - Alexis Lafriniere
2. Columbus Blue Jackets - Quinten Byfield
3. New York Islanders - Lucas Raymond
4. Ottawa Senators - Anton Lundell
5. Detroit Red Wings - Jamie Drysdale
6. Los Angelas Kings - Cole Perfetti
7. Edmonton Oilers - Alexander Holtz
8. Buffalo Sabres - Noel Gunler
9. New York Rangers - Marco Rossi
10. Anaheim Ducks - Hendrix Lapierre
11. Vancouver Canucks ( Tampa) - Dylan Holloway
12. New Jersey Devils - Yaroslav Askarov
13. Montreal Canadiens - JeanLuc Foudy
14. Winnipeg Jets - Antonio Strangers
15. Arizona Coyotes - Kaiden Guhle

<strong>Notable Free Agents and Transactions</strong>

<em>Final RFAs</em>
Brayden Point - 3yrs 7.5M
Mikko Rantenen - 7yrs 9.98M
Matthew Tkachuk - 6yrs 8.5M
Kyle Connor - 7yrs 7M
Patrick Laine - Trade to MTL Dec 1 - Signs 3yrs 8M

Nick Backstrom - extension
Hoffman - Edmonton
Dadanov - Extension
Gustafsson - Extension
Barrie - Vancouver
Josi - Extension
Granlund - CBJ
Schenn - WPG
Muzzin - LA
Pietrangelo - extension
Hall - Extension</div></div>

If Vancouver misses the playoffs they'd pick, not Tampa. Tampa would get the 2021 pick.

Imagine a Vegas-San Jose rematch ... that would be crazy.

Toronto winning the cup? :huh
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1. Tampa Bay Lightning
2. Toronto Maple Leafs
3. Boston Bruins
4. Florida Panthers**
5. Montreal Canadiens
6. Buffalo Sabres
7. Detroit Red Wings
8. Ottawa Senators

1. Washington Capitals
2. Philadelphia Flyers
3. Carolina Hurricanes
4. New York Rangers*
5. Pittsburgh Penguins
6. New York Islanders
7. Columbus Blue Jackets
8. New Jersey Devils

1. Winnipeg Jets
2. Dallas Stars
3. Nashville Predators
4. Colorado Avalanche*
5. St. Louis Blues**
6. Chicago Blackhawks
7. Minnesota Wild

1. Vegas Golden Knights
2. San Jose Sharks
3. Arizona Coyotes
4. Calgary Flames
5. Vancouver Canucks
6. Edmonton Oilers
7. Anaheim Ducks
8. Los Angeles Kings

Art Ross: Connor McDavid (122)
Rocket Richard: Alex Ovechkin (50)
Hart: Nathan Mackinnon (Auston Matthews, Connor McDavid)
Norris: Erik Karlsson (John Carlson, Morgan Rielly)
Vezina: Frederik Andersen (Ben Bishop, Carter Hart)
Calder: Kaapo Kakko (Cale Makar, Quinn Hughes)
Selke: Aleksander Barkov (Patrice Bergeron, Nicklas Backstrom)

Tampa vs Florida -- Lightning in 5
Toronto vs Boston -- Leafs in 7
Washington vs NYR -- Capitals in 7
Philadelphia vs Carolina -- Flyers in 6

Vegas vs St. Louis -- Golden Knights in 6
San Jose vs Arizona -- Sharks in 7
Winnipeg vs Colorado -- Avalanche in 7
Dallas vs Nashville - Stars in 5

Tampa vs Toronto -- Leafs in 7
Washington vs Philadelphia -- Capitals in 6

Vegas vs San Jose -- Sharks in 7
Dallas vs Colorado -- Stars in 6

Toronto vs Washington -- Leafs in 7
San Jose vs Dallas -- Sharks in 6

Toronto vs San Jose -- Leafs in 6
Conn Smythe: Auston Matthews