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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RWellington</b></div><div>The assets that i suggested EDM move in this trade scenario do not help this current edition of Oilers, perhaps the 2020 1st helps the 2022 Oilers but not this year or likely next. JP isn't interested in playing in EDM so he doesnt help nor would the 2021 3rd help for years if ever at all. So what assets are suggesting they would need to move in order to acquire Zucker? Magic beans (draft picks) don't help teams make the playoffs and EDMs window with McDavid may be smaller than we know.

The fact that EDM's road to the playoffs is made easier by the fact the Pacific is weaker is more reason to add a Zucker. The goal isn't to be a 100pt team, the goal is to make the dance and hopefully win it all. If EDM can make it to the dance their 1st two rounds would come against either Pacific division teams and/or Wild card teams. And by all accounts means an easier road to the Conference finals.

I can't argue the Zucker to Canada thing because hes not the only one but this is a fantasy GM world and I was showing my thoughts to a potential Zucker deal.</div></div>

You get it, so many others don't, it's like they think that the 24th overall 1st round draft pick or wherever the Oilers will be drafting will be a sure thing that'll step in in his draft year and will be a high end contributor but in reality it rarely works out like that.

Seriously how many years of McDavid and Draisaitl's primes are the Oilers supposed to waste hoping every draft pick is gonna develop into the supporting cast they need??

Not saying they should sell the farm and they should absolutely stay away from pricey rentals but if they can get a proven winger with a good amount of term like Zucker has they should definitely consider moving a 1st for said winger.
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