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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eli</b></div><div>They've each gotten Selke votes. Faksa kills more penalties, and takes more faceoffs. Oshie hits more, scores twice as many points, and can get more single season goals alone, than Faksa can get single season points. So far.

I agree Janmark has slight positive value, and I'd bet if he played with Backstrom he'd score 22 goals a year, or so--I'm just not positive he would get that opportunity, and if he plays with Eller, Dowd, or Faksa, he might still get the kind of numbers he gets with Faksa. A guy like Oshie who can get 34 goals in a season (two years ago) and consistently finishes between 47 and 60 points a year (each of the last six years) is worth a lot, even if he were horrible on defense. But he's received a few Selke votes, just like Faksa and Pavelski. Faksa's turning 26 this season. He's a solid 3C with a ceiling of maybe someday 2C, but maybe not. That and a good pick and prospect can sometimes get an aging 30 goal scorer.

Last three years of Oshie's deal: age starts at 35-37. Total pay: 4.5M. Cap hit: 5.75M. Savings for a rebuilding team staying at the cap floor: $1.25M

Last year of Pavelski's deal: age starts at 37. Total pay: 8M. Cap hit: 7M. Savings for a rebuilding team? Nope! He's staying in Dallas!

I think the Caps would keep Oshie, before they'd retain.

Dallas should sign Wayne Gretzky. He's so talented, and he can't be much older than Pavelski. :)</div></div>

If they want an elite defensive player? It’s gonna cost them. There’s a reason Dallas was the 2nd best defensive team in the league this year. Eller + Djoos won’t get Faksa
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