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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TanSor</b></div><div>I'd be fine moving Donato, I think he's the most expendable of our young players. I'm also fine moving Zucker if the plan is to rebuild, but Guerin clearly wants to win and I believe Zucker can contribute to a cup contending team. I think something has to give, you can't be playing a young player on the 4th line the whole year.</div></div>

I’d bet my last penny that Leipold is the one mandating the win now mode. I highly doubt he would have hired anyone who didn’t sell himself in the same way...

As for Zucker, IF I believed this team is a legitimate Cup contender, I wouldn’t consider shopping him, but I don’t so I would move him for futures in a heartbeat!

In order, these are the players I would be shopping, or would have moved this summer.
1) Zuccarello - I don’t believe in the narrative that this would be suicide, nor would I care. New regime = a new everything. The best scenario would have (obviously) been to have fired Fenton prior to July 1st so Zuccarello would have not been signed in the first place, but we can’t go back in time so...moving forward, I would sincerely trade him for almost nothing. I would consider taking on his contract as compensation enough.
2) Donato - I see him as a one-dimensional player and a redundant part. I don’t like his game.
3) Zucker - see Donato. For the record, I like Zucker a lot more, but would definitely move him for futures.
4) Spurgeon - no way in heck I would have given him a day over 5 years. Since he clearly demanded more, I would have moved him for futures. I would like to know what his trade value is with his new contact. I bet it’s not even in the same ballpark as it would have been if it was a 5 year deal. IMO, all contracts should be negotiated with trade value in mind because no one can see the future.

All these moves would have been for the sole purpose of taking a step or two backwards in order to take three or four steps forward in a couple years when maybe...just maybe we could all root for a bonafide Cup contender for the first time in franchise history!