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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TopLineTom43</b></div><div>Well Eichel was buffalos only superstar and he was overpaid for that reason. Realistically he would make 8.5-9m. Again the market isn’t set I stone. Matthews should have the wherewithal to understand that Eichel could make more money bc they didn’t have as many talented high caliber players to sign. Matthews then set the bar for Marner who also got overpaid. It’s a slippery slope. And Matthews isn’t worth 13.5 million that’s just silly. He wanted McDavid money but Matthews isn’t even On McDavids level. McDavid is miles better and that’s not an insult. McDavid would compete with Crosby when Crosby was 21. Nylander isn’t a bargain he isn’t overpaid he’s fairly paid. Marner contract would be hard to move imo. You make 11 million you better score 100 points.</div></div>

I just don't think they are overpaid. I think when you have a terrific young star you need to look at what they are going to do in the next couple of years and try to get a fair deal for that time. For years teams have been operating under the premise that you have to earn those big contracts, so stars did great for their first 10 years (Doughty) and then they sign their big long term max deal. The problem is those players are getting paid for what they did, not what they can do. What TO is doing is paying these guys for what they think they are going to be able to do. Its risky sure, but its also a much smarter plan than to wait and then overpay them later when they can't live up to their contract. In the case of Marner, I think he'll still look like a good contract very soon, and then when these guys are older there won't be that argument of "Hey I took my pay cut back then, now I want my money". It also will give more power to the management team later on when they can say to Marner when he's turning 29 or whatever and needing a new contract, "listen Mitch, we know you've been great for the past 6 years and we want to continue this, so we'll give you either term or a big cap hit. Not both." There will be mountains more of evidence proving that paying guys huge money into their mid 30's is stupid so they'll either get short term deals again or long term at below their market value.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TopLineTom43</b></div><div>Off topic but kind of related...look up the signing on July 1 2016 my god they are terrible. I think the leafs have a ton of talented players and that’s never an issue. They are just signed for More money than I personally think they are worth. Again this is where we disagree but imagine this team with guys signed for this

Matthews 10m x8
Marner 9m X 8
Nylander 7m x8

Tavares was a UFA and you had to pay him. He’s also been great for them.</div></div>

Matthews is better than Eichel, Eichel makes 10.5 for 8 years. Matthews was going to get more, he accomplished more and his ceiling is higher. So Matthews was getting over Tavares, no question. To get him to 8 years it was going to be for the same cap percentage that McDavid signed for which at the time Matthews signed, that was going to be over 13.5. So the team came up with a contract that worked for both sides. That is the market we live in. That one is fine.

Nylander is a bargain, his contract is the best on the team. I don't care what anyone says, he has elite talent and so much untapped potential that his contract will only look better as he progresses.

Marner on the other hand isn't very good. There is no one on this planet that is going to convince me that Marner is worth over 5 million dollars more a year than Nylander. Marner should be 8 years x9 at the very most.

If the Leafs end up having to move a piece to balance their roster (I really don't think it'll ever come to that), Marner is the one I'd trade, he'd bring the biggest return and likely save money.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>blowing_the_zone</b></div><div>Well, yeah. They could win their next 10 games. They could lose their next 10 games, too. Ebola could break out throughout the NHL and league shuts down. All sorts of things could happen...

But there's nothing wrong with an honest assessment of the present, especially when circumstances change and expectations aren't being met. I think the leafs have set themselves up well for future success. I also happen to think that they presently look like a non play off team - and their record to fate reflects that. I can think both of these things at the same time without hurting my brain.. :)

I think we're in good shape, Logan. My expectations, at this moment, aren't very high at all for this season. That's based on what I've seen this year. Those expectations could change if some circumstances change. Im open to that.</div></div>

My take is that they haven't been good. At the same time, their problems can be fixed. Its a mental thing more than anything else. And that can be fixed and things can change in a hurry. Like what happened to St Louis last year. Not saying that is what TO will do, but I am 100% sure this team is far better than they've shown so far. Which is why I am so annoyed with the doom and gloom. 62 more games to play, its not March and the Leafs aren't 6 points out with 12 games to play and 4 teams to leapfrog. Its November 15th, they Leafs are 4 points out of 1st place in their division and being mentally consistent is the main issue for the team. I don't think all this panic is warranted.
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