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Sujet: Mcdavid
I have already mentioned Edmonton would be razed to the ground if the Oilers were to trade McDavid. I am writing to give my analysis to this trade proposal.

I shall examine the six players going to the Oilers. The two draft picks would probably be selected late in the draft, so the Oilers wouldn’t be getting an player who may be an immediate impact. However, these draft picks would give the Oilers the flexibility to move the picks to require a player(s) to make the club better now.

Zach Hyman, Jeremy Bracco & Semyon Der-Arguchintsev are marginal players at best and give the illusion more is better. I say marginal as each player was drafted after the first round Hyman, 27, drafted in the 5th round. Bracco, 22, drafted in 2nd round, and Der-Arguchintsev, 19, drafted in 3rd round. Any player of McDavid’s caliber would demand prospects drafted in the 1st round.

Toronto is getting a world class player, some people would claim the best player. These three players would not impact the Oilers if this trade was made.

Mitch Marner in despite of all the negativity I read on here is an elite player. 94 points in his 3rd season dictates that fact. His achievement, I think is shadowed by the excellent play and personality of Austin Mathews. Mathews is pure goal scorer. If Marner was on another club, I think it would be clear of his value as an elite player with upside for years to come.

Neither club can afford to take more cap. As this proposal stands, the Oilers would be taking about $2.5 M more cap, so another player would need to go back to Toronto, or better, the Oiler wouldn’t pass on Hyman and his salary $2.25 M

Clearly if Edmonton were to trade McDavid, the would want a centre back. Also I think the Oilers would covet Moran Reilly as part of the deal.

This proposal is not even close.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aedoran</b></div><div>The Vegas trade is absolutely horrible for Detroit. Detroit is trading Green retaining 50% of his salary, taking a cap dump so Vegas has room for Green and a 5th round pick all for a 2nd round pick from a playoff team. There is no reason for Detroit to take this trade.

I don't see Detroit trading Howard he's 35 and doesn't want to leave Detroit. I think the Wings respect that. They haven't bought out or buried Ericsson yet. Plus with Howard playing another year or 2 it gives their goalie prospects more time to develop.

JJ to Detroit won't happen. They really can't afford to take on extra cap. They have 14 RFAs and 8 UFAs with contracts expiring at the end of the season. Plus they didn't sign
Nemeth to trade him away.

Your prediction of Detroit taking Askarov is interesting and depending on where the Wings land in the draft lottery that is a possibility.</div></div>

I am addressing your view about Howard. Given Yzerman’s tenure in Tampa, he made long hard choices and often sentimentality took a back seat to putting the
best team on the ice. I have mention a few times here, I think Detroit needs to get younger. The unrestricted free agents will be moved for picks at the deadline.

When he arrived in Tampa, he immediately sought to improve the consistency of club’s goaltending. (Roloson in 2011, as stopgap &amp; going to the conference finals,
Linback in 2012, and when that didn’t pan out, Bishop in 2013. And also making a trade in which Tampa acquired Detroit’s 1st round pick in 2012, which would be Vasilevskiy)

There is no doubt in my mind Yzerman will upgrade Detroit’s goaltending. If it appears Detroit is out of contention of making the playoffs, he may encourage Howard to join a playoff bound club to receive a draft pick. Yzerman may extend the respect and courtesy and let Howard play out the season in Detroit, although he would be hard press to pass up a draft picker prospect.
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It seems unlikely that Yzerman would would covet an restricted free agent and spend the lofty dollars to keep him. His tenure in Tampa, showed the hockey world he is shrewd general manager, and ranked in the top three, if not the best.

Yzerman has earned his reputation through the trade. He recognized a competitive franchise is built through the draft. Acquiring draft picks not only builds from within, but can be leveraged in completing a trade. Yzerman has not shied away from moving franchise players if it will improve the club. Nor has he declined an opportunity to acquire an all star.

As the general manager with Tampa Bay, Yzerman made 65 trades. His first assignment was to improve the club’s goaltending. In his first year as GM, he acquired Roloson who took the club a goal shy of the finals. The following year, Yzerman would trade for Anders Linback from Nashville. When that didn’t work out, he acquired Ben Bishop.

I suspect Yzerman will first try and improve Detroit’s goaltending. In the new NHL, where speed is king, Detroit desperately needs to get younger. With three defenseman in their final year, it reasonable to think these players could moved, and to give the kids on the farm a good hard look.

At no time managing the Lightning, did Yzerman seek an expensive free agent. Rarely did Yzerman seek a rental player at the trade deadline and overpay. He acquired veterans still under contract who could impact the club immediately and for the future.

The one often overlooked strength of Yzerman is his ability to manage the cap. The Lightning should be envied around the league for its depth of talent and how salaries have been evenly distributed.

To give Toronto draft picks, and two talented players, and then overpay for Marner’s services, would notbenefit a team in a rebuilt. Yzerman will find a more efficient way to make Detroit rise again.
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