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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tsyls</b></div><div>Jets say no. To get Laine you're gonna have to blow Chevy's socks off.

It's gonna have to look like:


Ya it seems like a lot to Montreal fans, but if you look at Laine's numbers, there are some crazy stats to look at. I will link this article from sportsnet last year. Yeah I get he's a defensive liability, but hes ONLY 21 YEARS OLD. Could you imagine if WSH traded OV when he was 21, Laine now isn't as good as OV was at this point but I do think that Laine will grow his game and learn how to play in his own end. The only way a Laine trade gets accepted is if the there GM literally blows Chevy away with the package. Most teams aren't going to want to pay the price for him. So at this point, I see Laine sticking around in WPG for a while.

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Thats asking too much and no other team would pay that value imo.

3rd overall pick
13th overall pick - Blue chip prospect
56th overall pick - top 10 RHD prospects in the league.

I agree with you that Laine is impressive. I wouldn’t try to acquire him with a package like this otherwise. I just don’t see the Jets getting full value for him because of the current situation. Laine will stay with Bern if he doesn’t get what he wants and I doubt Chevy will give in.

This trade bring a somewhat local guy (Brook) to help the Jets defense. Drouin can fill in on the top 6 and play with Ehlers again, you get Hudon that helps with a bottom role and ups the roster size and you get a 1st on top of that. I have a hard time seeing Winnipeg getting a better value for a player who seems like somewhat of a risk at the moment for other teams.
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