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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>to say Marino can't do what Letang can is nonsense. Marino is a puck mover, who has great defensive skills. Hell they are grooming him to be a 1RD.
He's that kind of player.
The only thing Marino doesn't have is years of experience doing it at this level. That's it.
But the truth is, you don't see Marino costing his team games. And the years where Letang actually wins the team games are over.
I'm not saying Letang isn't a good player, what I am saying though is the gap between the two if there is any at this point is small.
You can go look at all the stats.
Marino gets more defensive starts, plays with lower lines and he's right up there with him.
Letang has what 2 more goals in 5v5 play, but considering the lines he plays with and how much time he gets on the ice, I don't really think that's saying much.
At this point right now, I don't even think anyone can argue that Marino makes smarter decisions with the puck. Which is why he doesn't turn it over all over the place. Nor do I think anyone can argue that Letang is better in his own end.
He's really not at this point.
Letang is still a good player. But if you don't realize what they have in Marino that's on you not everyone else.
There is no doubt he's a better defense man than the 4 other guys they dress, including Dumo at this point. And the argument can be made, as long as Letang is costing the team games with dumb turn overs, that he's been the better player back there.
I can tell you now, if the game was on the line, and they were starting in their own zone, I would rather put Marino back there than Letang. Because I know Letang is more likely to do something stupid with the puck.</div></div>

You are the only person who would pick Marino over Letang when the game is on the line. In fact just today when the game was on the line they had Letang out there. Not Marino. You also need to look at the competition they are playing against. Letang is out against the other teams best players all night.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>your problem is you think Kap, is worth more than he is.
I hate to break it to you, but Tor would be nuts not to take it.
First you get rid of CC, which already lowers any return on any deal because without that move, you can't really make a move.
Second, you get a clear upgrade on your blue line and someone capable of pointing a PP. You keep wanting to knock the guy. Yes, after breaking an ankle last year he needed a little time. So do a lot of players. But it's a year later and he's doing ok. His current injury is a soft tissue thing. It's gonna be just fine.
You want to knock his play. His 5v5 corsi is 52.2% and he's a + player.
That's already better that anything else you are going to get. His numbers aren't great because he has a reduced role. That's what happens when you insert Marino into a lineup and he keeps growing and taking more responsibility. So he's playing behind 2 really good players putting him in a 3RD position.
But to sit here and pretend he doesn't improve your odds of winning a cup over CC is laughable.

Stop being a homer. Kap is a mid 6 winger. You don't get 2nd pairing defensemen capable of pointing a power play and dish off cap dumps, + get a backup goalie for mid 6 wingers.
This trade might as well have a bow on it.</div></div>

Although I do agree with the ideas you are presenting, at no point in time this season while Schultz has been healthy has he been behind Marino on the depth chart. When everyone is healthy Schultz is the 2 rhd.
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