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Anaheim Ducks - Rickard Rakell doesn't score more than 20 goals.
Arizona Coyotes - Antti Raanta plays a full season, but finishes with a SV% below .910.
Boston Bruins - Finish below Toronto in the regular season standings, but beats them in the first round of the playoffs.
Buffalo Sabres - Jeff Skinner scores fewer than 30 goals.
Calgary Flames - James Neal scores 20+ goals in the regular season, but goes goalless in the playoffs, despite Calgary playing at least two rounds.
Carolina Hurricanes - Finish in a top 3 spot in the Metropolitan, despite having a team SV% below .905 and a team SH% below 9%.
Chicago Blackhawks - Over half of Erik Gustafsson's points come on the PP.
Colorado Avalanche - Cale Makar suffers an injury, causing him to miss 20+ games, leading to a Calder controversy about whether he should win it or not (he doesn't).
Columbus Blue Jackets - Brandon Dubinsky fights Dean Kukan at practice after a bad start to the season, but they fail to improve and miss the playoffs by a lot.
Dallas Stars - John Klingberg, Esa Lindell, and Miro Heiskanen all score 15+ goals.
Detroit Red Wings - Michael Rasmussen leads the team in PP goals.
Edmonton Oilers - Sam Gagner finds instant chemistry with Connor McDavid and scores 50+ points.
Florida Panthers - Brett Connolly scores more goals than Anton Stralman has points.
Los Angeles Kings - Ilya Kovalchuk scores 30+ goals.
Minnesota Wild - Victor Rask gets fewer than 20 points and is bought out at the end of the season, thus cementing Paul Fenton's legacy.
Montreal Canadiens - Jesperi Kotkaniemi finishes with more points than Jonathan Drouin.
Nashville Predators - Roman Josi finishes with more points than any of their overpaid centers.
New Jersey Devils - Cory Schneider bounces back with a .907 SV%.
New York Islanders - Semyon Varlamov misses over half the season with an injury and sub-par numbers, leading many people to wonder why a 31 year old goalie that just lost his starting job the season prior got a four-year contract over a Vezina finalist with better stats and that's three years younger.
New York Rangers - Former 7th overall pick Lias Andersson scores a whopping 10 goals.
Ottawa Senators - Nikita Zaitsev plays poorly again, leading to another round of "well he's not that bad, he just gets put in unfavorable situations".
Philadelphia Flyers - Nolan Patrick finishes with more goals and points than Kevin Hayes.
Pittsburgh Penguins - Jake Guentzel win the Richard.
San Jose Sharks - Kevin Labanc puts up 60+ points and signs a massive extension of 2 years @ $1.75 million AAV.
St. Louis Blues - Robert Thomas has a smooth season and scores 20+ goals and 30+ assists.
Tampa Bay Lightning - Mikhail Sergachevi finishes with more points than Jonathan Drouin.
Toronto Maple Leafs - Cody Ceci plays poorly again, leading to another round of "well he's not that bad, he just gets put in unfavorable situations".
Vancouver Canucks - Quinn Hughes finishes with more assists than Jack Hughes.
Vegas Golden Knights - Malcolm Subban finishes with a higher SV% than Marc-Andre Fleury.
Washington Capitals - Tom Wilson finishes with fewer than 100 PIM.
Winnipeg Jets - Josh Morrissey and Dustin Byfuglien both average more than 25 minutes of ice time.
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Forum: NHL12 jui à 10h15
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Brian2016</b></div><div>You're right about the player having to sign the OS, but I guess my point is that McDavid's contract sure seems like an excellent value now. He was never available as an RFA b/c he signed a year early, if my memory serves me well. I just can't believe a team would consider $12.5M for Marner given what McDavid signed for. And Draisaitl is probably an even better value at $8.5M. I can see these negotiations w/ Marner dragging on til Sept. or even longer.</div></div>

Both McDavid's and Draisaitl's deals pre-dated the explosion of RFA contracts, so I bet no one even thought to give him anything higher than $13 million; although you could even say that they started the wave, followed by Eichel and then Matthews. Now both of their deals seem either very reasonable (McDavid) or an absolute steal (Draisaitl) especially since both got the full 8 years so Edmonton can take full advantage of the term and don't have to worry about an earlier, larger payment due to early UFA status, i.e. Matthews and Aho.

Now younger players are finally starting to realize their value/worth to the team and will start demanding high-dollar contracts that either take them straight to UFA status or only buy up a year of UFA status. I'd argue that Matthews really started that wave when he signed only a 5-year deal at an eight-figure cap hit, which was pretty unheard of at the time. Now Marner is wanting something similar, and Aho just signed a similar deal.
Forum: NHL11 jui à 17h37
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Daoloth</b></div><div>I don't care what some troll has to think who can't say anything that is beyond a personal attack against myself... "Worst Takes I've Ever seen"... Really, so you just do these little replies attacking me or others without any context... Your stupid icon is the worst thing I've ever seen or take on an icon... Why... Well I don't need any seasons or have to give any details... I have over 1K posts doing mostly 1 line petty attacks...

Basically for somebody slow like yourself on a post that was stated not to be overly serious in its context... I would not be paying max compensation for a player most likely unless it was a franchise right shot D-man in their prime not their decline... That has value, its about supply/demand, Mariner is a guy who has a lot of supply compared to demand... There is a high demand for right shot D-men, especially #1 level who can play 25-30 minutes a game... While other positions there is a lot more supply to meet that demand...

See there is something called supply and demand in economics... You clearly don't have a clue about anything... Nor for having so many posts would I doubt that is the worst thing... Rangers has like 25K posts on here but don't seem to even know where Islanders are playing or that they got a new arena by talking about Barclays which is going to be in the past soon :). I would just beat you up if ever said something this stupid to me in person... Oh wait you wouldn't, cuz only trolls live on the internet or under bridges... HOw is that for a take idiot? Don't even comment about me or reply to my posts... You are just trolling me, doing personal attacks without context and have nothing of value to say in the over 1K posts I've read of yours...

Take Care loser...</div></div>

Lol I'm a troll for disagreeing with your assessments? Okay then. You likely put more personal attacks in this one comment than I have in half of the 1,000+ comments I've left.
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