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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eli</b></div><div>In a world where Domi only gets 30-40 points a year on the wing, a team that sees Danault, Kotkaniemi, and Suzuki as its centers of the future would be wise to trade Domi for a top pair defenseman, and happy to get back a cheap, 30-40 points-per-year 2nd line wing, in the bargain.

Domi can get more points at #1C than Danault, but his lack of defense means his team doesn't make the playoffs with him in that spot. Danault is a defensive ace and is not giving up any playing time to Domi soon, so it's a question of who the team wants to give time at 2C as it builds towards its future. Kotkaniemi is developing fine in that spot, is a recent high draft pick, and will be less expensive for a while. Suzuki could also play just fine at 2C. Vejdemo is outperforming Evans. The Habs have like eight NHL centers.</div></div>

This year capitals top 6 vs domi

Ovechkin 29gm 20g 11a 31 points (1.06ppg or 88 points)
Kuzy. 26 gm. 11g 17a. 28pojnts. (1.07ppg or 88points )
Vrana. 29gm. 11g 21a 25 points ( .86ppg or 71 points)
Oshie. 29 gm. 11g 10a 21 points (.72ppg or 60 points)
Wilson. 29 gm. 10g 9a. 19 points (.66ppg or 53points)
Backstrom 23gm. 4g 14a 18 points. (.78ppg or 64points)
Eller. 29gm. 6g. 9a. 15 points. (.52ppg or 42 points)

DOMI 28 gm. 6g 11a 17 points. (.6ppg or 50 points)

Domi would be a slight upgrade to Eller no thank you. Give up orlov to provide 8 more points this year but seriously keep glorifying him.

He’s a good player not a top 50 player but still good. Like I said this trade benefits neither team
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