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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Subbanator7667</b></div><div>I only compare him in the way that he is a prolific goal scorer that has that one timer at the top of the circle. Shrugging off his accomplishments as an elite goal scorer isnt right either though because Laine has proven that's the one thing he can do in this league.

How you think Laine wouldn't bring back elite talent back in a trade value is where you're delusional. I agree that him at $10 million is ridiculous but thinking that he wouldn't fetch multiple 1st round picks, plus a roster player and a prospect is wrong. Hell the ask from Carolina was apparently Svechnicov AND Pesce for christ sake. Orlov and Vrana are good but Washington would still have to add to that package to out bid other teams because I can guarantee you Winnipeg would say no to that in a heart beat.</div></div>

I mean who on the trade do you feel is elite. Pesce is orlov level talent and Svechnicov who might become a 50 points guy? Had 37 points in his rookie year? At best he’s what 60 points guy worst case 40 points? So you critiqued orlov and vrana and propose an almost identical trade? Come on man who’s elite there?

<a href="!/vizhome/2-yearA3ZPlayerComps/ComparisonDashboard" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">!/vizhome/2-yearA3ZPlayerComps/ComparisonDashboard</a>

Orlov vs pesce..... and draft position would be a weak argument for the other 2
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Subbanator7667</b></div><div>What's me being a fan of Subban have to do with whether or not Orlov is elite? Plus you're trying to say he is better offensively, which isnt true, your only using even strength numbers because it suits your arguement. Orlov has a career high of 33 points, that's Subbans low seasons.

All in all this is just homerism. Vrana and Orlov are no where close to the value of Laine. Would Washinton have traded Ovi for Nicklas Kronwall and Jiri Hudler in 2006? Because that's basically what this trade is, and that's being very generous comparing Orlov to Kronwall and Vrana to Hudler.</div></div>

Yeah ......
1) he’s a defenseman who doesn’t play the power play bc we have Carlson who put up 75 points on that top unit. So 5v5 was him helping you understand that P K who is considered elite is equivalent to orlov 5v5 offensively.

Laine shoots he scores? He had 30 goals last year. He had 1 40 goal season and averaged 17 minutes a games. His career high is 70 points. Man what a generational talent there. You’re so lost it’s laughable. Laine lucky that by career end he’s considered elite.

Back to Eli point. Take laine off the power play last year he has 15 goals 26 less points. He had 50 total. Vrana has limited power play time and finished 3 points less. Laine won’t be top power play in DC we Ovechkin an actual generational all time great. Laine also turn overs the puck 2x more than he takes it away.

Also Ovechkin score 50 rookie years he’s. Almost won the rocket he’s not a scrub. Never compare Ovechkin to laine. Is. It even close. I bet you compare Matthews to Crosby also. Ugh little buddies are just awful