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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Gofnut999</b></div><div>They used the trade of Grubby to dump Orpik. It actually brought Grubby cost down by taking Orpik. Most figured he was going for a pair of 2nds or 2nd and 3rd. Caps cut the price so they could dump Orpik in the deal.

How often do premium goalies get traded? It’s rare. You are not going to have a lot of recent history because it’s rare. Martin Jones went for 1st and Kuraly. If Hawks trade Lehner they will likely be looking for a 1st or 2nd and a prospect especially if they are taking back a 3m backup and/or retaining. He’s been top 5 in pretty much every goalie metric for 2 years running.

Canes gaping hole is in net. Mrazek is 46th in sv% at .901, 44th in QS% at .444. 46th in GSAA at -3.90. A goalie makes them a legit cup contender. Last year they were out of the playoff picture at All-star break as Mrazek was again in the 40-60 range in those categories, then he went nuts and they were the best team in the league for 6 weeks. That’s the difference between having a quality goalie like they did in that run, and low end backup acting as a #1 like the rest of the time. They need that quality #1. They have the means to do it. Would be a crime not to.</div></div>

Actually, at the allstar break they were out of the playoff pickture because Darling couldn't stop a beachball. Mrazek was average all year long, it never fluctuated, he stayed in the 25-30 range for most of his stats, which put him in the average category. Mrazek isn't a world beater, he's just Meh, Lehner has proven he's good when he's behind a good defensive system like in New York with Trotz, and that's what makes him desirable right now. What he's doing in Chicago is impressive, but for a team with such a strong defensive unit, it's actually better if he can stay concentrated during games when he doesn't see a lot of shots.
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