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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SammyT_51</b></div><div>If trade happens you are looking at the team with probably around 5-6M in cap space because some cap would go back to Leafs, maybe even more than 6M depending on package for Marner..</div></div>

But, how many teams can do that? Lets take a look at all the teams with $5M+ in cap space today:

New Jersey: $6,461,667 - possible candidate, but next year could be a problem if they're trying to retain Hall
Los Angeles: $6,740,606 - not sure they have the assets to get it done, all their good guys are aging and likely not of much interest to Dubas
Boston: $7,294,167 - it only appears they have the space because the haven't re-signed McAvoy and Carlo yet
Calgary: $7,756,625 - no cap space here either, they still need to sign Tkachuk and Mangiapane
Minnesota: $7,958,911 - possible candidate, I doubt they'd part with Dumba though and there's not much else of interest there
Tampa Bay: $8,476,669 - still need to sign Point
Anaheim: $8,500,242 - possible candidate, if Kase for Faulk happens they have about $6M in cap space. Next year could be a problem depending on the size of Faulk's extension
Columbus: $10,765,918 - possible candidate, Anderson + Jenner + Bemstrom? Jones and Werenski are off-limits I think
Ottawa: $10,890,001 - I doubt Toronto would trade Marner within the division and I doubt Ottawa can afford him anyhow.
Philadelphia: $13,417,421 - still need to sign Provorov and Konecny, won't have $5M+ when that's done
Winnipeg: $15,450,836 - still need to sign Laine and Connor
Colorado: $15,615,239 - still need to sign Rantanen, may be a candidate even after that though, and they certainly have the assets to make it happen. Trouble is, they won't pay Marner more than about $9.5M on a long term deal, doesn't look like he'll go for that

Of the 12 teams that appear to have enough cap space, only about 3 are realistic candidates for a Marner trade.