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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Stan_Bowman</b></div><div><strong>Would you take on 4 &amp; 1/2 years of Seabrook for a possible 10-15 years of Boqvist?</strong> I think the answer at this stage is an obvious yes, even if NJD don’t hold onto Boqvist that long you get a prospect that is immediately ready and on an ELC for three years after this. Seabrook’s decline has been greatly exaggerated in the past years due to the over usage of him in Chicago. He is still an NHL level player who is just on a very bad contract. With the new TV deal expected to skyrocket the cap in the next couple years, and Seabrook affordable buyout option in the final two years I think his contract is less of an issue than everyone makes it out to be. Also, it’s worthy to note that NMC can be nullified by the team receiving the player after the trade, and that most players will waive their NMC If they feel like they are unwanted by their organization.</div></div>

Yes. That is exactly what I said from the start - in order to unload Seabrook, you need to give up Boqvist or something equivalent to that. Now that we're clear on that, you should give up the value for half-retained Hall if you wanted to make this trade work.

Also I think Seabrook has claimed that he have no intentions whatsoever to waive his NMC. He's a career Blackhawk, no matter what CHI actually thinks about it.

Oh, and also at the moment the fact he has NMC on his contract is extremely important due to the Expansion Draft that's happening in less than two years. Seabrook must be protected in it, which makes him even more unwanted in other teams.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bf3351</b></div><div>I get that, but Hall has been incredibly inconsistant his whole career. You can break down players and say he was on pace for 90 points but got injured because sometimes players drop off a bit. If that's the case Kopitar will get 100+ points this year...

Panarin has been very consistent on bad teams and good teams. Also gets more points than Hall pretty much every season except for his MVP year.

It's early and we will see but as far as the past goes Panarin has definetly been better.</div></div>

Hall has been in the worst teams in the league for basically his whole career. His teams has had 5 first overall picks during the time he has been on his team.

I'll admit Panarin is more consistent and he's also elite winger, but I still believe that at top of his game, Hall exceeds Panarin. This he showed in 2017-18 when he was voted the MVP of the league. Something that Panarin is pretty unlikely to ever achieve.

The two of them also started their careers in completely different paths. Hall was first overall pick, Panarin got never drafted at all. Hall has had to play with scrubs most of his career, Panarin got accustomed to players like Toews and Kane from the beginning of his career in NHL, after that he took the leading role in CBJ, much like Hall did in NJ after the ridiculous Larsson trade.

I give you that Panarin is most likely the more consistent of the two, but at their absolute best Hall is superior of the two.