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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sign_em_up000000</b></div><div>It's not that, although losing Dermott hurts our D, it's the fact the Leafs front office didn't make the necessary adjustments/upgrades to get us out of the first round (assuming we play Boston again, or a team that already plays a heavy style). With or without Mitch we are likely a playoff team, and if we are not then we sell-off assets at the deadline, we could get a lot for someone like Berrie @2.75. Ps, our 1st is top 10 protected. Do you really think that the team we have now vs last year is enough of an improvement to take us farther in the playoffs?</div></div>

I don't really buy that considering many (leaf fans and non leaf fans) see the leafs as contenders (or as close to being contenders) for Canadian teams. If you guys are ready to have a "punt year" because you don't think you can beat BOS yet (man the Bruins have really destroyed Leafs confidence eh), that's rough...

Point is, a team of the leafs caliber should never "mail it in" for a year. Make the playoffs and see what happens. You never know. WSH for ages couldn't get past PIT, and the one time they did they won a cup... and keeping Marner at home for a year really goes against trying to make the playoffs.

I get a feeling that some think I hate the leafs. I don't. The only Canadian team I dislike (a lot) is OTT... My list from favorite teams to teams I can't stand (there's really only two) are MTL, WIN, VAN, TOR, EDM, CGY, then almost all American teams...and it finishes with OTT, and BOS.....
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