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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>This is a wonderfully thought-provoking idea!

Best case scenario for the Kings:

Suzuki replaces Kopitar
Danault replaces Carter
The first becomes a top-4 defenseman in 2024-2025

Worst-case scenario:

Suzuki becomes a third-line center
The first becomes the next Jake Virtanen or Nick Ritchie
Turcotte becomes the next Elias Pettersson

The unaddressed snag in this proposal is that because the 2020 draft is in Montreal, the first-round pick has to be in 2021. I think that factor plus the inherent risk in having to have three things go right for "success" as opposed to one (Turcotte becoming a star) tips this one into the No category for the Kings. Plus, as <a href="/users/F50marco" target="_blank">@F50marco</a> says, Montreal needs high-quality defensemen, not forwards.

But this idea is well worth a lot of analysis and discussion!!</div></div>

agreed on all but our defensive Need
our Defensive Prospects are Solid
what we need is a 23-24 year old LD to play stop gap on top LD
until Mete, Romanov , Struble , Norlinder or G.Olofsson step up and earn it .

Ideally we'd like Chiarot to fill that role like he has thus far as Chiarot -Petry lead all D pair in minutes every game this season .

i would however love to trade Mete in a package for a LD like Josh Muhara who was part of the WHL's most dominant Defensive pairings and PP Duo's with Cale Fleury. Get us Muhara-Fleury and our PP will be more then Just Petry and Weber on the blueline . I doubt ANA gives up Muhara though he's a mobile D and teams dont like parting with those .

i'd take a Travis Sanheim for the same reasons as Muhara but again teams arent trading them .
we need a guy like Bouwmeester for 2 years for example
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HabStraction</b></div><div>I made a few roster similar to yours so I share your search for a power forward like Hall. But the problem is you don't have money left for the year after. You have Danault, Tatar, Gallagher Petry Armia going UFA and Poehling, KK, Mete, Fleury going RFA. That's almost half of the team !

My conclusion : unless Bergevin gets rid of the approx 12 M$ given to Alzner and Weber, we are in trouble and won't be able to add that star player to contend. Tha's why I don't mind if MB give away a no.1 pick to get rid of Alzner.

I might be wrong though. Would be curious to see your roster for 2021-22.</div></div>

Click the longterm outlook above

32m with 10/23 players signed
if Danault , Gallagher and Petry can be re-signed for 18-19m total given what Domi re-signed for if they all take similar deals between 5-6.5m its possible
that leaves 13m fill the other 10 spots .

this sounds all very reasonable until you look at who we got to sign for 13m


Kotkanemi is the only one who will be eligible for Arbitration so he's the only one who can challenge
there is the worry about offer sheets but i dont see Kotkanemi making waves , he'll likely sign the spring before he's RFA.

Poehling , Suzuki , and Fleury could all get fair value but there is the risk a team like CAR returns the favor and offers him a 5 year deal walking him into UFA .

its doable but it depends heavily on Romanov being Drew Doughty level good straight out the gate after trading Chiarot senselessly given how Key he's been defending our goalies this year its just foolish moving him . move Kulak while he's got value after we got him for the throw in players from the Plekanec deal as he's inconsistent as **** and is a poor mans Mete . Romanov's good but he needs time as he's 2 year into the KHL and not capable of the minutes that is being suggested so to think he can are the NHL level carry the weight for Mete and Kulak is just baffling . if Mete and Romanov are there you Need a Chariot who can play 21-23 minutes comfortably and not a Kulak who struggles after 16-17 minutes .

that being said if i was gonna throw 11.5m dollars away on something i'd likely throw some of it Mikael Granlunds way as
Granlund-Kotkanemi-Armia sounds like ****ing gold
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GenericUsername489</b></div><div>I don't even think Columbus does that if you take the 3rd out. I think the Rangers is close, I think Byron is slept on too much so maybe lower a 2nd to a 6th or something</div></div>

a 25 year old player who will be 26 when his contract ends this summer
he's only going to sign a 1-2 year bridge deal like Murray and so many NHL players did this summer ensuring
that they are contract free for their 27th birthday when they can become UFA's with power to negotiate what they get paid without handcuffs

what i see is

Anderson at 25 years old (UFA eligible in 18 months )
Murray at 25 years old (UFA after next 2 seasons )


Drouin at 24 years old (UFA in 3 years )
Lehkonen at 24 years old (UFA eligible in 3 years)

swapping a 40 point player for a 50 point player who leads MTL forwards on PP by Proxy anytime he's on the ice as he's our only real offensive PP threat . Swapping out Murray for Lehkonen coming off a career year and just put almost 10 pounds of Muscle becoming more physical especially along the boards .(i think its a result of playing with Domi last year and this year . )

honestly i like Andersons goal scoring but he's just a net front presence which we go covered in Domi , Gallagher , Cousins and Now Poehlings there battling .
What MTL needs is a Skilled player like Mikael Granlund (or Kreider works )for example who can come in and slot in beside Kotkanemi or Domi in the middle 6.
Having Murray would be nice but its a pretty high cost considering what TML payed for Muzzin and Barrie i wouldnt do it .

i'd instead target CBJ most versitile D in Nuutivaara who can play Anywhere on both LD and RD while thriving .
beside Weber , Petry or Fleury i think Nuutivaara provide's us way more value then Murray longterm because once Petry goes if Brook isnt ready Newt can play 2nd RD without issue .
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