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LA Kings fan, hockey player(former), hockey coach, and future hockey scout.

My top 5 favorite hockey players:
1. Ziggy Palffy
2. Drew Doughty
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Forum: Armchair-GMThu at 1:46 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMs</b></div><div>First of all, MTL isn’t trading Domi + Weber for Marner, this is a joke.
Second, Weber doesn’t cost real money, he will cost 1M the last 4 years and 2M 2 years before that, so he can be trade to a poor team that needs to reach the cap floor and he’s a good veteran.
Third, Weber is still great, Giordano is 35 and he’s good, same for Weber. Yes he missed a year do to an injury, but last year he was back in December and was great. He’s a top20 Dman in this league right now.
Fourth, Weber might not be a top pairing D in 3-4 years, but an good 2nd pairing dman.</div></div>

You sure flipped a bit from your first comment xD

This idea was someone else's as I stated in the bio. He did a MTL post of the trade so I did a Toronto version. It is an interesting idea and it makes sense. I have always suggested Leafs exploring Marner trade options. They could get a very good top 6 winger as well as a top pairing defenseman for just Marner alone.

Also you might be right about Webers contract getting cheaper, but the cap hit will always stay the same. Which is not an issue because in 5 years when Matthews and Nylander are due for an extension like that guy stated, Webers contract at 4.8m cap hit will be cheap. Especially when the salary cap ceiling will be growing and players will be getting higher salaries. Brian Burke, myself, and many others believe 90% that Matthews will walk as a UFA anyway. He is a greedy prick just like Marner. Not sure what the future holds for Nylander though. Probably same thing. Leafs fans enjoy the next 5 years while you can;)

Ps: I like being a Kings fan and rather be in these retooling/rebuilding/reloading years than be a Leaf fan and have greedy players that are hurting there team. Leafs could have won a cup already and be able to afford the players they need if it wasn't for Matthews, Nylander, and now/soon Marner taking up what's left of the cap.