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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>littlejerryseinfeld</b></div><div>We haven't made the playoffs since 2011, have finished last 3 of the past 6 seasons and have drafted in the top 8 in every draft since and including 2013. And just traded the conn smythe winner for nothing

Yea, real spoiled</div></div>

Cool so Regier and Murray own six of those eight playoff-less seasons. Murray blew most of those draft picks or moved them away for little (besides Reinhart). Botts' first round picks have been Mittelstadt, Dahlin, Cozens, and Johnson. Most of those we don't have time on to judge yet, but Mitts is looking like <em>at least</em> a NHL'er which is better than 90% of the drafting we've done since ****ing 1998 (it really is, Regier was the absolute worst drafter).

The ROR trade appears like a blunder on paper, but there's so many question marks around it. Why did we push so hard to avoid paying his signing bonus on July 1st (pushes down his value), the Pegula's wouldn't care about not writing that check if they weren't personally involved. This doesn't add up either with how good the rest of Botts' trades have been. Skinner for peanuts. Jokiharju for peanuts. Montour for a low first+Guhle is good value. Got Sheary for almost as little as ****ing Erne (35pt player vs 20pt). Managed to get something for EK when it was clear we weren't going to give him another contract. The only trades that have been a wash so far are Scandella, Beaulieu, and Wilson.

We don't have a Fenton mortgaging our team to "win now". We don't have a Jim Benning who builds teams for an ancient, old style of play that doesn't work anymore. We have a GM that can draft, can trade, and is try to build a modern, skilled side. Climbing out of the ****-hole we were in because of that last two GMs is/was going to be an incredibly painful process and it's ignorant to think we could just turn it all around in two seasons.

Botts has the appearance of a top-10, top-5 GM but nobody in Buffalo wants to accept that building a legitimate team in the cap-era takes seasons of quality rebuilding. Not whatever garbage Murray and Regier tried to pull.
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