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(SJS/DET) - 2019 2nd and 2020 conditional 3rd for Nyquist

Who won the trade?
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25 fév à 10 h 53
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Quoting: HabsForEver
Detroit were forced into a corner. They got something for someone who potentially didn't want to be traded. Nyquist had a full NTC so Detroit had no say in where he went.

Read he turned down two previous offers (unconfirmed)
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25 fév à 11 h 34
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Oof Detroit
25 fév à 12 h 12
Blues GM v4
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What people are failing to realize is that this is a buyer's market. This year's deadline has more big names swirling than there's been in a long time, and only so many teams that are going to inquire on one. If Holland is asking teams for a first, what's the incentive for them to pay that price instead of a little bit more for a Mark Stone? Obviously this doesn't exactly apply to all situations, but the point remains the same. Teams are going to get the best value out there, and if Holland tries for a first for Nyquist, it's not happening
25 fév à 16 h 20
Big John T
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Here's an armchair GM of a DET/SJS trade for Nyquist

I'd say yes for DET to take that high 2nd for one of Glendening or Nyquist, but I don't know about what they need to maintain a positive locker room and avoid Oilers disease.
25 fév à 20 h 19
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Quoting: pharrow
Nah I think it's about right.

This deal was set by the zuc trade to dallas.
If you look at it, basically same price. Players are kind of equal.
Both UFA next season. Only 2 years apart. GN has more goals but MZ had more total points. Pretty consistently through their careers.

I have to agree from what most people valued Nyquist at the actual it self is pretty even you can just ask exo2769 I'm sure he would like to tell you he got it right. What makes it so bad is that Holland said he would only take 1st for him and Detroit fans like me believed he do as he said. So technically both of you are right depending on how you look at it.
29 jun à 3 h 37
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I always sorta liked Nyqvist or so... I had hoped Kings would trade for him instead of Reider when they did the awful Darcy Kuemper trade frown... I'm not sure if Sharks will get to keep him but he was decent for them...
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