Date of Most Recent Revision: Sep. 23, 2020


You must follow the rules outlined in the Terms of Use at all times.


You must be aged 13 or older to register on CapFriendly. If you are not 13 or older, please do not create an account. Any accounts where the creator is determined to be under the age of 13 will be deleted.


CapFriendly utilizes an infraction system to moderate the forums. If you break the rules, or post something deemed unacceptable by the moderators, you may receive a warning or infraction. Each of these infractions are assigned a 'points' value. If you accumulate enough infraction points restrictions will automatically be put on your account until the infraction expires.

Unless you receive a permanent ban, infraction points will expire thirty (30) days after the points are assigned to you for any infraction. If you have multiple infractions, the infraction points will be managed on a rolling basis which means that the infraction points you receive will expire separately on the thirtieth (30th) day after they were each assigned to you. To be clear, multiple infractions that receive infraction points on different days will expire at different times.

Your current infraction level places the following restrictions to your account:

  • Level 1 (2 Points) = No Posting in Armchair or Mock-draft Forums.
  • Level 2 (3 Points) = All Level 1 + No Posting polls, Editing Profile, Editing username, Editing Avatar, Editing Posts.
  • Level 3 (4 Points) = All Level 1/2 + No starting new threads anywhere on the forums.
  • Level 4 (5 Points) = Banned for 30 days. New members (registered for 90 days or less) who reach level 4 will be banned permanently.
  • Level 5 (10 Points) = Permanent Ban.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of inappropriate conduct:


Posting a thread or a reply to a thread that's sole purpose is to start an argument is not permitted on CapFriendly.
This includes non-constructive replies to Armchair-GM threads such as "lol", "terrible" "not realistic". If you want to criticize an armchair-gm team, your post should focus on answering the question "why".
If you believe an armchair-gm team was posted to troll, please report it and do not reply to it, the moderators will remove it.

Non-constructive posts include telling a person that a team laughs at their proposal is not permitted. If you do not have anything constructive or polite to post, please do not post. Examples include "ANA laughs at that offer", "If I were GM I would hang up the phone on you", "We laugh you out of the room"

Submitting a post that implies you have reported a post, such as "reported", or "I have reported this post", is against the rules and will receive an infraction point for trolling. Reporting users is encouraged, informing other users that you have done so is not.


Personal attacks on users, groups of people, or fanbases are not permitted. Do not harass, threaten, mock, or insult others. Debates are encouraged, but ad hominem attacks are not (criticize the opinion, not the user).


Liking a post that trolls or flames another user will be considered an infraction and will receive the same amount of infraction points as the trolling or flaming post.


Posts that are sexist, racist, ethnic, gender related, homophobic, malicious, illegal, or in any way discriminatory or hurtful to anyone will not be tolerated. We have the authority to remove such posts immediately in our sole discretion. Such posts will receive 5 infraction points.


It is not acceptable to advertise another website on CapFriendly without explicit permission in any manner. This includes using your username, the user title below your username, threads, armchair-gm team names and descriptions, replies/posts, etc. to advertise.


Posted a thread and nobody replied? Do not keep replying to it to push it to the top of the forums.
Use the edit function to add additional content to a post


Do not at any time post any other users private information such as email, real name, phone number, address, private message content, etc.


Do not submit a thread or a post/reply at any time about an infraction or warning that you received.
If you received an infraction and you strongly believe it is due to an unfair judgement from a moderator, you can email us at and we will review the infraction.


Posts and threads related to politics are not permitted.