No site displaying team & player salary cap information can tell their visitors about themselves without first talking about the site that started it all. CapGeek was the first site to open the door to NHL Salary Cap information for all to see. It was by far the most complete & detailed site ever created, & we, at CapFriendly, can say without a doubt that it was our favorite tool as NHL fans.

On March 19th, 2015, the founder of CapGeek, Matthew Wuest passed away after his courageous battle with colon cancer. It undoubtedly left a huge hole in the hearts of all those close to him, as well as a void in lives of millions of hockey fans around the world.

This site would not be possible if not for the visionary that was Matthew Wuest & CapGeek. That is why we would like to dedicate CapFriendly in his memory, & even though we know that CapFriendly will never replace CapGeek, we hope that our hard work & dedication can do justice to what Matthew started.


In January of 2016, CapFriendly and Hockey's Cap merged to produce this current website. CapFriendly (and Hockey's Cap) were inspired by the work of Capgeek was the leading source for all NHL salary cap information until it's operations ceased in January 2015, due to the illness of it's founder. We recognize the incredible information that was provided by the data and tools that were available on Capgeek. Our mission is to bring back that knowledge and those tools to as best as possible, to serve the hockey community as well as Capgeek did.

CapFriendly is an independent compiler of contract information for the National Hockey League. We are constantly on the look out for contract news from credible news outlets, reporters, and insiders. We do our best to cite and credit the sources which supply the information.

CapFriendly is designed to be a community of avid hockey followers, allowing us to manage and present custom teams (Armchair-GM), and to use other team management tools to further our knowledge of the sport (ex. Buyout Calculator)


On September 19th, 2023, the CapFriendly team announced the launch of SalarySwish, an NBA salary cap website. The site was in development for nearly 4 years, and is the team's first expansion into tracking a sport other than hockey.


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